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We are naked!

June 28th, 2009

Lately, Olivia's big thing is about being naked. Luckily, she's only two, not 22. It started a week ago when she insisted on coming into the shower with her clothes on. "No," I instructed. "You have to be naked to bathe." I went to take her clothes off. She fussed, so I had to make a game of it. When all the clothing was off, I exclaimed with faux-excitement, "See? We are naked!"


That's become the rallying cry around our house ever since. When I come home, We are naked! When people visit, We are naked! Standing on the balcony and seeing our neighbor emerge onto hers, We are naked! For that one, we half were. Olivia was nude and playing in her tub on the patio. "Vicki, I AM NAKED!"

It's also morphed into random statements using the word naked. Like, Juicy Naked Tai! Or, Follow that naked Popo!


At the public pool recently, she caught the eye of the lifeguards standing nearby and decided to announce, "Daddy's naked!" When that got laughs, she added, "Popo's naked!" She yelled this out in a loud, clear voice for another four minutes. In a really crowded pool. By the way, we were not naked.

That has coincided with a desire for her to actually BE naked. She tries to take her clothing off on a fairly regular basis. She is not potty trained, so I don't want her to have accidents around the house. I've been on the phone a few times when I have had to ask her to keep her diaper on. For kicks, I'll come back on the phone and say in an exasperated voice, "Huh. My roommate."

I've read that you can turn this into a great incentive for potty training.'s article says, "You can certainly begin to train your child to use the potty at this age. You can tell her that if she wishes to remain without any clothes, then she has to use the potty. Try placing a potty in the room where she spends the most time, and see if that works. But don't be concerned if it doesn't work, as she is very young."

We have three potties stationed around the house, which I think is a high toilet to toddler ratio. We're all excited about the day when she will learn to use it. That, and to keep her clothing on.

What is your experience with nekked babies? Did it help with the potty training? How do you keep their clothes on?

7 Responses to “We are naked!”

  1. Rosette:

    my youngest is 10 now ..but I think I sat on the big potty with him on my lap and that is how I potty trained him..I have potty thingy that sits on the big toilet ..potty training around age three...then I carry that potty thingy when we go out...YUP NAKED KIDS are funny ...they run around laughing then few accidents!

  2. Rosette:

    the potty lid I bought was portable you can slide it out and bring it with me so my son has his seat...but I sat on the potty first to show him how to use it ...he sat on my lap then I run the water to make him pee...the running water in the background help him go!

  3. Rosette:

    YOU have to read the faces then you know they have to go and you run fast to the bathroom....I can usually tell when my son has to go they have the look ..they are quiet so I take him to the bathroom right away!

  4. theDman:

    Yup Rosette, that might just qualify for: too much information.

  5. Diane Ako:

    LOL. But I don't think that's TMI! Girls. We share EVERYTHING. Dangerous, huh?

  6. Laurie Moore:

    My daughter at age 9 still thinks nothing of walking around with nothing on. It too started as a game when she was a toddler. "Nakie Girl!" we would squeal when she emerged from the shower. She would then run around the house screaming, "Nakie Girl! Nakie Gilr!"

    Now as her body is starting to develop (so young!) my husband and I strongly discourage open nudity. (It also grosses her 13 yr old brother out.) It's not easy, but we are trying to be consistent. Hopefully, she will tire of the nudist lifestyle before puberty. Otherwise, we are in serious trouble!

  7. Carlos R. Bradshaw:

    My nineteen month old twins have their diapers off most of the time -- they even get into their soiled diapers and have them all over the bed. Everyone continues informing me that it's a good time to potty train them now, but my darling isn't speaking. How can I instruct when my baby can't even tell me when it's toilet time? any suggestioms orhelp?

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