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It's MY body!
September 18th, 2009

We are in the possessive stage where Olivia's learned about ownership. When I touch her toys, "It's mine! It's mine!" When someone touches my stuff, she acts like a guard dog: "That's Mommy's!"

I shower with her, and obviously, that includes soaping down her privates because, well, that's what people do. She can't clean herself yet, so I do it for her. In July, she started getting cognizant of it, and has been wiggling away, saying, "No, Mama. No."

I have been teaching her how to soap herself, but it's slow going. So I tell her, "Well, until you can do it yourself, Mommy has to help you."

And she actually said to me, "No, Mama. It's MY body."

What? I was surprised and amused. "Well, Honey, this body gave life to that body. I know all about that body. Now come here so I can wash you."

We're not sure who taught her that, and the nanny says he did not. Gosh, kids say the darnest things!

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  1. hemajang:

    Olivia is 2-1/2? She sounds very smart and verbal and aware, that's great. My just 2-year-old grand daughter will do complete sentences but will get her I, Me, You's mixed up at times. She so cute. I feel very fortunate to watch her grow up and interact with her development. Her other grand parents live on the Big Island and see her maybe a few times a year. I would be so sad. Our neighbors down the street recently strolled by with their year-old grandchild who was visiting, they live on the mainland. It was obvious on how proud and happy they were just to be with their grandchild.

  2. maxcat:

    Yup, but she is smart! Ha, does she get that from Claus? Kidding. But, yes kids say the darnedest things (assume that was a throwback to Art Linkletter)

  3. Rodney Lee:

    That's so cute. Maybe Olivia picked up that phrase from an educational video?

    How come you call yourself "mommy", but she calls you "mama"? I think that girl has a strong personality (that's a good thing) - not a follower, but a leader.

    When my younger daughter started learning how to read, we were sitting at the intersection of Pali highway and Vineyard, and my daughter asks "What is yum-cah-eh?" We're thinking what?! Yum-cah-eh? We look around and see that she was reading the YMCA sign. LOL.

    Friday joke: What did one blond girl say to the other as they were walking into the YMCA? "Hah, look! They spelt Macy's wrong".

  4. Diane Ako:

    Rodney - She calls me all kinds of things. Mom, Mami, Mama, and she even calls me Diane. Seriously. I didn't ask her to, and nobody taught her (I think), but she noticed I respond to adults when called "Diane" so when I ignore her, she actually says, "I am going to call you Diane. Diane! DIANE!" The first time I heard it I had to LMAO.

  5. Rodney Lee:

    LOL - Too funny! Olivia must be a joy - but at the same time, she's watching and observing and soaking everything in. My second daughter was like that (calling me by "Rod" too). You don't notice it - but they're watching. And learning. LOL

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