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Hawaii's Bento Box Cookbook
September 21st, 2009

I'm heavy into cute, so when I saw Hawaii's Bento Box Cookbook, I knew I had to meet its author, Susan Yuen. She is a Supermom for spending up to an hour making these too-pretty-to-eat lunches for her kids, 7 year old Paige and 2 year old Sean.

Susan, Paige, and me on the morning show

Susan, Paige, and me on the morning show

Her book is easy to follow and it has a lot of extremely easy, tasty local recipies in the back.


Susan also has a blog about her life in and out of the kitchen. You can keep up with her there until her second book comes out in Spring 2010.








She was just the most delightful guest to have, and her daughter was adorable.



I am totally going to try this for Olivia! What a great way to get kids to want to eat otherwise "boring" veggies!

4 Responses to “Hawaii's Bento Box Cookbook”

  1. maxcat:

    This is really cool. Great pics and great way to get kids to eat a variety of things.

  2. theDman:

    Hey, that really is cute. I would have bought that for our son if it had been out back then.

  3. Rodney Lee:

    Now I'm hungry... LOL

    So kawaii! Almost too nice to eat.

  4. labrat:

    Some people are so creative. But I don't know if I can eat something that is staring back at me.

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