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"Hawaii New Snow" and other ramblings

October 25th, 2009

Erika Engle's Sunday column talks about the merger and the possible new name for the 3 stations as

I say this with the most respect- just a humorous observation. The first and second time I looked at it, I thought it said "Hawaii New" Like it's a snowfall monitoring service from atop Mauna Kea, for astronomers and snowboarders.


photo by, makeup by Cheryl Presbiteres

...In other news, I reactivated my Facebook account. I'm Diane Ako there. I opened it back in April to help manage the News8Today fan site, but realized I just wasn't that into it. Now that I'm unemployed, but doing freelance work, I need a way for people to reach me for new jobs.

I was trying hard to push this blog site as the way to contact me, but people get confused about how to find it. When my tech savvy friend Christine couldn't figure it out easily, that was the moment I knew I had to give in and do Facebook.

...Celebrated my new life with an extra cup of joe this morning. Love coffee. Now don't have to worry about not sleeping at night! (Am very sensitive to caffiene.)

...Friday night's KHNL station party was fun. I had committed to attend my husband's Consular Corps function (he's the honorary consul of Denmark) at KCC. We went to the station farewell after, and it was nice to see "alumni" of KHNL there as well. Wish I could have stayed through the end, but I was exhausted. Any day that I woke up at 3 am, I go to sleep at 7 pm.

...The oft-asked question is, "Where was Dash on Friday?" Dash had some days he learned of at the last minute. He had to use or lose. I can't blame him. He was off Tu, Th, Fri.

Tracy shafted us by not wanting to work. She said it was too far to walk from the weather wall to the temporary set.

From: Gladden, Tracy
Sent: Tuesday, October 20, 2009 3:01 AM
To: Ako, Diane; Courtney
Due to the condition of the set I will not be able to do interviews this week. Thanks.

She was clearly insolent, having mentally checked out any obligation to her coworkers. And with no ties or intention of returning to Hawaii, she didn't care what bridges she burned.

Tracy Gladden, weathercaster

Tracy Gladden, weathercaster

During the commerical, I would answer the phones, let in the guests outside, escort them to the set, and mic them. Then run back to the desk. She was sitting right there and stubbornly refused to help. It was ridiculous. She was on Facebook or on social calls to her friends in Chicago.

Our boss heard, and scolded her. In revenge, she simply called in sick for the last 2 days. I wish she'd been edited out of the goodbye video. That girl is so pilau, she deleted the News8 Today fan page off Facebook. She was the main administrator and we were surprised to go there to find it gone- all the photos, everything. Gone.
Disappointing, since for most of the months, I got along with her. She wasn't well liked at the station, but she didn't give me a problem - until the last week. Just too bad to go out that way.


I'd have had to read a 2 hour show (the weather part would just be me reading over weather graphics prepared the night before by Sharie) alone, but Paul offered to come in. I didn't have to ask. He volunteered. He is a real friend.


...I don't know how to explain in just a few words about the pain of a layoff. It's truly different once you've been through one. It's way too simplistic to say I'm sad because I'm not on TV anymore. I'm not concerned about that. It has nothing to do with finding a new opportunity or feeling lost without a career.

It was just so much sorrow I feel I absorbed from everyone in the building who felt angry, disappointed, let down. I believe that no matter how much I tried, I couldn't help but take in some of the energy. So much betrayal and abandonment by co-workers, and disrespect and neglect by non-peers. A fatigue that increased gradually because I was working myself overtime to get projects done, before I left the business. The physical tiredness played into it. Sadness for friends who have no jobs yet. Fighting with Tracy Gladden. The mourning of the end of a work family. It's all THAT.

I'll be better in short order. A lot of it revolves around sleep and the body, and when I start taking care of myself it'll resolve.

7 Responses to “"Hawaii New Snow" and other ramblings”

  1. CatDogMan:

    Sometimes you see people's true colors in times of stress. Sounds like Tracy was very angry and not very professional. Paul pulled through for his friends and that says a lot about his character. I wondered why Paul was there and not Dash. Thanks for clearing that up.

  2. William Monte:

    Thanks for the ramblings. Now I know why Tracy always looked like she had bug up her a--. Glad you had good friends to carry you through. Chicago huh. That explains alot.

  3. matt:

    Layoffs are tough. I recently went through a similar situation where my entire group was cut. I lucked out and found a better position soon afterward. in fact, all six of us in the group ended up in similar or better positions. I hope you and your colleagues experience similar luck in the continuation of your careers.

  4. theDman:

    ooooohhhh the claws are starting to come out...

    Actually, that's disappointing to hear Diane. In times like these, you would think everybody would band together...but I guess not.

    That's definitely some unneeded stress to a very taxing situation as it is.

    Anyway, it's over, and I doubt you will ever even see Tracy again. No need to fret about that.

    I've heard stories about that cast of Lost, and how fractious it has become. Several actors on the set do not like working with each other, and some no longer even talk to each other. The problem there is that kind of bad blood is not because the show is going off the air, it has been going on for awhile now. Imagine having to work that close to people that you hate everyday.

  5. AlohafromJohn:

    Diane - Thanks for sharing with us. I read your other posting and despite the layoff, I am inspired by your thoughts. I wish the best in your journey ahead. I did not read your blog until recently but I appreciate the frankness and honesty of the content. It is worth reading. Again thanks.

  6. maxcat:


    First, you are a real trouper. Good on you!

    Second, nice picture.

    Third, go ahead and vent a lil, most of us are here to listen. We like you. (Hehe, I vent a lil on facebook and other places, but try to do it in a nice way.) Well, okay some of us like me just go on and on, cuz well, we just do.

    Fourth, give this a little time. Right now, the 'wounds' (for lack of a better word) are a little too fresh. Was was gonna say lick your wounds, but I don't wanna get booted. (Ewww!)

    Fifth, it's okay to have a few bad days. They are gonna come around every now and then whether we want them or not.

    Finally, stay real, stay honest, stay you.

  7. Kaimi Scudder:

    Aloha Diane:
    Just wanted to say that I think your layoff sucks. My thoughts about the stations and what they're doing in not printable.

    Remember, you can always come out to Kawainui and get some fresh air, pull some weeds, plant some native trees, etc.


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