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One Breath Photography

October 19th, 2009

An Oahu photographer captures the most beautiful images in water world. And he does it using just one breath. John Johnson (not to be confused for Jack!) freedives to capture these gorgeous, intimate photos.

He calls this "Beat of a different drum"

He calls this "Beat of a different drum"

"Peek a boo"

"Peek a boo"

"Sweet Dreams"

"Sweet Dreams"

My photographer Tai and I followed him at Electric beach one day. It was hard. We did not see a single mammal, though there were lots of pretty fish and a strong current that required us to keep kicking to stay in place. This is why John sometimes waits for half a day to get just one shot, or why he might go weeks without taking a photo he really loves.

But then there might be days like this: "I guess today was the day to be in the water. We were in the water until we just got tired of seeing dolphins. I took more than 280 shots and I was amazed to see I had so many keepers. Lots of amorous activity in the water, too," he wrote to me.

"Bottlenose Ballet"

"Bottlenose Ballet"


Spinner dolphins shop at Foodland?

Spinner dolphins shop at Foodland?

John has a full time job doing something non-watery, and a wife, so he admits he spends way less time pursuing his hobby than he used to. He is the nicest - and camera shy! - guy. Find him via his website or look for his photos at local art stores and festivals.

John Johnson, One Breath Photography

John Johnson, One Breath Photography

Supermodel and surfer Marisa Miller

October 16th, 2009

[youtube u8GVutY65cc]

Recently, supermodel Marisa Miller was in Hawaii to promote the opening of Victoria's Secret at Ala Moana Shopping Center. I had a chance to chat with her during her appearance on the KHNL News8 Today morning show. I found her to be warm, sweet, down-to-earth, and pleasant.


I actually didn't know who she was before her agent pitched her. I guess it's because I am not a man, and because I'm not in the fashion industry. In researching the story, I found out she has been the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover girl for like, 50 gazillion years consecutively.


Of course, looking at her swimsuit photos scared me, because that meant I would have to actually sit next to that luminous creature and look comparatively like some troll. (Chuckle, chuckle.) She's 5'8" and in heels, she was like, the Eiffel Tower.


Marisa came to KHNL with a small coterie.


In addition, several guests we already booked arrived an hour earlier than their spot so they could sightsee as well. It was like Bishop Street at noon in the newsroom. I told everyone it'd be nice if they could each take a cubicle so it would look like full staffing at 5 a.m.

"My rep didn't forward me your script!"

"My rep didn't forward me your script!"

In a break, I ran back to meet everyone, and did a quick interview with Marisa for this blog (because I knew she was gonna dart right after the segment.)


I chose to focus on her love of surfing. She is from Santa Cruz, California. I know this area because I attended US Santa Cruz for my freshman year, and believe it or not, learned to surf in Santa Cruz! Says Marisa, "I grew up on the waves. My parents met at Privates beach, and from very early on they put me on a surfboard. I for a time ran a surf school."

In her quiver: a 6'10", a 6'5", a longboard, and her latest interest, a stand-up paddleboard. "I don't get on the water as much since I work a lot," she qualified, "but it's a great workout when I do."


Favorite spots to surf at home: Manresa, Pleasure Point. Here in Hawaii, she surfs Waikiki, but watches her husband tear up North Shore. She also likes the breaks on Kauai.

Marisa says she loves the ocean, and would love to travel to the Maldives to do some diving. Amazing she hasn't been there since she's been everywhere else for her modeling assignments!DSCN8295

And if she weren't a model, she told me she might like to be a - wait for it - sportscaster!

Odd Jobs

October 14th, 2009

The oddest job I've done is corpse makeup. Fo' real. I have a link (wink wink) to the funeral industry. (I'm married to a mortuary owner.)


This was when Claus first started Moanalua Mortuary. There was one full time mortician and they were busy one weekend. I offered to help her by finishing up the bodies. I like to be helpful. That's all. I'm practical. My husband needs my help, I'll do what I can.

I figured, I'd been doing my own makeup long enough that I could do it for someone else, right? I have done my girlfriends and some of my guy friends, too. I can do a pretty decent job on other people.

It was very weird to get up close to a dead body for the first time, with the intention of actually handling it. I had to ease myself in over a few visits. Just because I'm a news reporter and I report about death a lot, doesn't mean I actually touch dead people. (Oddly, I still can't handle picking up a dead large roach, but humans- OK.)

Since I was there, I watched the embalming, before it was time for makeup. I learned you should comb the hair in place while the formaldehyde is going in, because the hair follicles will set in place pretty quickly.

Here is the surprising thing. I found it harder to put makeup on a corpse. The skin doesn't move. It's like painting a rock. Also, they don't need a lot of eyeshadow. It's 99 percent having a life-like foundation (helped by the selection of the correct, life-like embalming tint). Then some blush, and we're good to go.

Another thing you would never consider is that the right side of the face is seen more because that's the side that mourners approach. If you're going to experiment with finding the right color, do it on the left.

I wanted to give them a makeover. But the rule is, you have to make them look like they did in life. You use a photograph supplied by the family as a guide. So even if you KNOW Joan Crawford pencil eyebrows and candy apple red lipstick is so last season, you can't update their look. The family wants to see someone they recognize.

Then, I manicured their nails and fixed their hair. I only did a few bodies. It was an interesting experience. While Hawaii is too small to pay an actual makeup artist at each funeral home, I hear you can actually make good money off that in a larger city like LA.

Which strikes me as a little funny that the same could be said of makeup artists in the TV news industry. People always think we have makeup artists doing our makeup, but no. It's just us. If you care, you send yourself to a few lessons, and then you eventually get better because you have to put it on yourself every day.

What's your oddest job?

Here's what fellow blogger and just all around cool chick Cat Toth said.

[youtube 1_vSad6t7zw]

Oh, and here's a link to a feature shot on my husband's funeral home. It was on A&E. You Tube limits you to 10 minutes at a time, so it's in three parts.

[youtube cfjE7bkrgio]

[youtube vBoyoJ4cDzQ]

[youtube J8mc-XFAtDs]


Also reach me via

Can you hear me now? Good.

October 12th, 2009

Does anyone else have trouble hearing when they are brushing with a Sonicare? My husband revealed that to me the other night. I was quite surprised. "Don't you notice how I always ask you, 'What?' after I'm done?" he said.

Gosh, I never have put that together! We've had these things for, oh, five years?

I got up immediately from bed and put my own vibrating toothbrush in my mouth to test it. "Talk to me," I commanded. Yep. Yep. Yep, heard all that.

I wonder why I can and he can't. Don't tell me my head is denser than his! Anyone have an experience to post?

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Olivia on KHON2 this weekend

October 8th, 2009

Olivia is sprinkled throughout the next Dining Out With Chai, the cooking show hosted by Chef Chai. The show airs every Sunday on KHON from 5 - 5:30 p.m.

Jo, Mike, and Liv as junior flower girl

Jo, Mike, and Liv as junior flower girl

We were at a wedding for her godmother Joann Shin which was catered by Chai, which he then also shot for his show. This particular show (Jo's wedding) is slated for this Sunday, October 11, at 5 p.m., on channel 2.


The photographer was nice enough to mention it to me when he saw me recently. (Thanks, Mike!)

Taysia and Liv

Taysia and Liv



MORE CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MORE CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sugar crash.

Sugar crash.

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