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Cake decoration classes (basic), part 1

January 22nd, 2010

My friend Joy and I are taking cake decorating classes together. Our first class was fun! In it, we learned how to foil the cardboard base, why a lazy susan is good, how to make frosting from scratch, how to roll parchment papers for icing, how to use a coupler, how to level and fill the cake, and how to ice it with a spatula and with an icing bag.

How to foil the base

How to foil the base

Why you need to use CLEAR vanilla extract

Why you need to use CLEAR vanilla extract

They gave us their icing recipie!

They gave us their icing recipie!

How to roll parchment paper

How to roll parchment paper

How to fill and then ice

How to fill and then ice

The filling and the dam

The filling and the dam

We then got to practice. This is my cake

We then got to practice. This is my cake

To end, we were given pre-made six inch cakes to use all our new skills. We got to fill and frost it.

We took home our cakes at the end of the first class

We took home our cakes at the end of the first class

Mine is a little loud, but I was actually having fun playing with the frosting tips, so when other students finished with their bags, I would take it and frost my cake more. I enjoyed seeing what tips produced which designs.

There are eight women in the class, though other classes have had up to 14 students. This is a nice size. The teachers are good. They supply all the supplies, but you just bring an apron and notepad to this class. (Maybe the advanced classes require you to buy more things.)

The students seem to range in age from 20-ish women, including culinary students whose cakes kicked mine's ass - eh no fair! - to grandmothers who want to decorate for their grandkids. There are five different kinds of classes, year round, going from basic to very advanced.

The classes are from 5:30 till about 8:30 p.m. though I would advise you try not to show up late, and if you can, take it with a friend. You are seated on tables of two, and you can help each other. Joy and I are planning cake-dates to play around in the kitchen!


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11 Responses to “Cake decoration classes (basic), part 1”

  1. David In Oregon:

    Cake decorating classes? They have those at the local community college in my neighborhood. Could this be the start of a new career? Diane's Delectables? Ako's Ambrosia?

  2. Diane Ako:

    David In Oregon- I'm not sure if it's the start of a new career, but I'm super excited to be able to make Olivia's birthday cake this year. I'm already planning it out, as well as thinking of her party. Here's SuperMom!

  3. Kage:

    Great decorating.

    Glad you are excited about this. It looks like fun. Never wanted to learn to decorate a cake, but maybe now I may...hmmm.

  4. yuenhernandez:

    That looks like so much fun! My mother was into cake decorating, too. We had decorated cakes for every occasion when I was growing up. I think I want to do that for my daughter's, too. Thanks for sharing this information.

  5. RedZone:

    Do you bake the cakes or is it just decorating? I was wondering if there was a way to make different shapes.

  6. HNL2LAS:

    YAY!! hee hee..looked fun for the 1st class! No worries if yours was loud, you got to play and learn! Cool!

  7. oldshoes:

    Yum.Looks good enough to eat...keep-em coming. Do u get to use the "blow-torch" yet,like how they do to burn the sugar on the creme brulee' ? Good fun. Julia Childs always seemed to be dipping into the cooking sherry,that might get the creative juices flowing...or make for a good you-tube clip.Bon Appetit.

  8. Diane Ako:

    RedZone- They supply the cakes. So far to practice I've done box mixes. One day, I'll get to making it from scratch. For now, baby steps! I don't know about different shapes other than, I would think you can either buy the cake pan shaped like what you want, or cut the cake to shape it, when it's done. Again, this is Box Mix Mistress you're talking to.

    oldshoes, No blow torch... yet? And yes, I keep dipping into the frosting. Dangerous.

  9. Michael:

    It seems you are happier outside the News. You have all the time in the world to enjoy with family now.

    There is on TV a mold you can use to make a large cupcake. It would be interesting to practise with that.

  10. Sandra:

    So you took the level one class at Cake Creations? Is it worth the $200? Did you talk other classes other than the first level, if so how were those?

  11. Diane Ako:

    Dear Sandra, I have taken 7 classes - so yes, more than level 1. I have no other baking/ culinary class experience so nothing to measure this against, but I personally appreciated and enjoyed the class, and feel it's worth $200. I know Ben Franklin offers classes, which presumably are cheaper, but I have no idea what those are like and what kind of expertise the teachers have. Lani and Lori have been invited to compete on Food Network (but couldn't at the time; maybe next time), so I felt that they have a LOT to offer. There were at least 3 students in various classes with me who were KCC culinary program students so the course appeals to people with a lot of kitchen experience yet it's still accessible enough for total rookies like me!

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