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Jogging stroller
August 27th, 2010

The men I live with are very athletic. Claus and the nanny were college athletes. Claus still enters a couple triathlons a year, so he trains year round and strives to improve his personal record. Nanny was a competitive runner and gets mad if he doesn't place in the top five when he races. He has actually done a race with Olivia, and still placed seventh. Tai competes in martial arts and hates when he doesn't place first.

I admire their athleticism, but I really don't relate to it. I give myself a hearty round of applause if I just get out and walk for 20 minutes a day (which I don't always!) It takes a lot of effort for me to get myself out there. It's against this backdrop that I tell this story.

I decided I would run every morning with Olivia to preschool using the jogging stroller. The stroller is getting old and is well used. Claus and the nanny log at least 50 miles a week with it.

I'm curious if anyone else has had this experience/theory, but we think when BOB strollers get older, the front wheel starts wobbling when you run with it. The guys now lock the wheel in place so it doesn't shimmy.

I unlock the wheel because it's easier to stroll that way. I do not walk at speeds fast enough to make it wobble. On my first day of running to school, I was watching for any potential wobbling.

Olivia got into the stroller and strapped herself in. I started my slow jog. Five minutes into it, just when I was feeling pretty good about myself and the fact that I was at least doing something, Olivia called out from her seat, "Are you running yet?"

Ego, meet pin. <pop!>


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12 Responses to “Jogging stroller”

  1. Ke'ala:

    Di ~ there's a reason it's called a STROLLER. *;)

  2. tksv:

    Love the story - Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning!

  3. M:


  4. Paco:

    Ha ha ha! That was funny! Olivia was probably expecting a quick and exciting ride to school to start her day. Don't worry, just keep it up and you'll be flying down the street in no time.

  5. galekaminari:

    I LOVE your stories about Olivia's take on things! You and Olivia are really funny! 😀

  6. RedZone:

    Ahhhh......ahhh........way too funny.

  7. Keoni:

    Diane, I always used to read your blog, but after the papers merged, I kinda stopped. :( (Boo on me!)
    But I happened to see that you were still blogging (YAY!), so I went and caught up with all of your posts. I almost wen bus' a gut at the "Noodle" one. Classic, yeah? Out of the mouth of babes...
    I look forward to many more good ones like that.

  8. David In Oregon:

    Diane: When you're the "driver," you've got to convince Olivia that she's riding in a limo, and that you'll never, ever see a limo speeding down the roadway like a sports car in a race. Convince her to sit back and enjoy the view. 😆

  9. Cie:

    That Olivia has an answer for everything. Too cute! :-p

  10. Rosette:

    with my second child I get smart I teach the little tyke to use the scooter at 18 months so by the time he gets to nursery school he uses his scooter on the way to school I relax then I ride the scooter back home... imagine other mother staring at me ...yes oldy mom me riding kids scooter and not falling..then when my cousin was about to laugh thinking I cannot ride the scooter I SHOW HER...funny...!

  11. Rosette:

    imagine you hear me coming with kids scooter I am serious other mothers look at me funny....well WHAT WHAT I SAY!

  12. Rosette:

    yes now they have kids scooters that you can ride no need to pedal moterized scooters


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