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September 22nd, 2010

Who knows what BMW stands for? Don't look it up. Just tell me now. I'm curious to see who knew off the top of their head.

In a conversation, I mentioned the phrase "Bavarian Motor Works" to Claus, and he was stunned that I would know that. I mean, stunned. "Hey! How did you know what that stands for?"

He said it with such shock in his voice that I was a little put off. "Um, 'cuz I'm smart?" I retorted.

"No, really," he replied.

"No, really," I responded.

"Most people don't know what BMW stands for," he insisted.

"Most people do," I insisted back. "Let's do a blind test. It's 7 a.m. Who's up that I know? I'll ask Christian." I went to call Christian on the phone.

Claus stopped me. "Christian doesn't count. He's European."

I snapped my gaze in Claus' direction, raised my eyebrows, and channeled a character from any 1990s FOX sitcom. "Oh no you di'nt. You're saying Europeans are smarter than Americans?" I questioned, while holding up my index finger to underline the indignation. You read correctly: that's di'nt, spelled without the middle "d."

"No, that's not it," he said.

"So it's because he's a man and he would know more about cars? It's a gender thing?" I continued.

Sensing danger, he swerved off topic. "Hey, did you want to go purse shopping this weekend?" he asked.

That is a smart husband.

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19 Responses to “BMW”

  1. Eric:

    Wow, you are harsh..LOL ..... I agree with you - I think a lot of people know what BMW stands for, but I would guess that more Europeans would know this, relative to Americans, simply because BMWs are more prevalent in Europe than here in the U.S.

  2. M:

    Hello Diane,

    I didn't know what BMW stands for.

  3. jaydee:

    I know what it stands for and, in a random test among co-workers, 9 out of 10 knew what it stood for. By the way, the one who didn't know was a young lady.

  4. Cie:

    He is a smart husband indeed. lol ;-p

  5. Ken Conklin:

    Back in the 1970s I was traveling in Germany and spent a couple days in Munich (the capital city of Bavaria). My traveling companion pointed to a BMW and said "I wonder why there are so many of those British cars here in Germany." "Well," I said, "those are German cars." "No," she said. "Everyone knows 'BMW' stands for 'British Motor Works." And she wasn't even blonde!

  6. RedZone:

    I knew but only because I am a biker. I never rode one but have always wondered about their flat twins.

  7. NaPueo:

    Just read this post.
    Yes I know what BMW stands for Claus to see what he knows.

  8. NaPueo:

    Hey part of my post erased.
    should have said
    Yes I know what BMW stands for.
    Maybe we should post questions for Claus to see what he knows.

  9. David In Oregon:

    Yes, I do know what BMW stands for. Not only that, but I've even been to Bavaria. I've got a beer stein with King Ludwig II's castles on it, as well as, several silver pendants to prove it.

    Grüß Gott!!

  10. Rosette:

    Oh I know what BM stand for...bowel movement..does it count!

  11. Rosette:

    yes better off to be stupid and I sit relax at home.....I let my son and husband go to work since they are SMART!..omg! if I want to know what car BMW ..I just ask the guys in my house time my son would sit read all sorts of cars and he can name them all said said to him what are doing that for are you going to sell cars or what!

  12. Rosette:

    yes he would look at the car pictures car traders yet...he sit for hours and hours and he can tell you the names of cars..he has good memory.

  13. sally:

    HAHAHA! Diane, when I finally do get to meet you IRL, will you do that "channel any sitcom character from the 90s" thing?

    Smart man, your man.

  14. David In Oregon:

    sally: I think that's why they made him an honorary diplomat. He knows how to dodge the tough questions, and redirect attention to other things. πŸ˜†

  15. Rodney Lee:

    Di, ask him if he knows what FORD stands for. It's a standing joke:
    1.) Found On Road, Dead
    2.) Fix Or Repair Daily

  16. NaPueo:

    @Rodney #15
    First on race day. πŸ˜‰

  17. Patrick:

    Bavarian Motor Works. And the blue/white logo is supposed to signify a propeller.

  18. galekaminari:

    I am reading this BMW article after Tire Gauge, and my estimation of Claus, while high to begin with is now in the stratosphere. What a wonderful husband! What a fun marriage the two of you have! Claus swerved off topic before he could say what would be obvious to HIM-- it was because BMW is a European car and every European would know that it stood for Bayerische Motoren Werke, or Bavarian Motor Works in English. But, then it would not have been a funny story! I LOVED that Claus suggested purse shopping! He is going to be a really great Dad!

    BUT, so solly Cholly, I mean, Claus! FYI, you would have lost anyway because Diane is SO RIGHT! Even as a not-yet-driving young teen female, WAY back, when there were hardly ANY BMWs in the islands, I knew exactly what BMW stands for! The 2002s were really cute for kids to drive. They were more solid than Beetles, but basically boxy tin cans that handled easily, and could be bought fairly cheaply new, and darn cheaply used.

    In Hawaii, we had German cars before we had European purses and clothes, so they were the stuff even young females dreamt of in terms of luxury or European goods. And, Claus, we even knew the mile per gallon stats!

    First we fell in love with the VW Beetle, then the VW vans, which were so perfect for surfboards and were like rolling lanai to party in from beach to beach, then we kind of segued right over to also love BMWs, Porsches, and M-Bs, which drove like trucks. Back then, those brands were 100% German-engineered and built, so were divine! (Alfa Romeos were cute but broke down, Fiat Spiders were cute but only came in Manual, English cars were stylish but could not tolerate our Hawaii heat, or something.) It was also the era of American cars--Ford Mustangs that came in Turquoise or Pink, Ford Falcons which could be bought with Lipstick Red seats, Pink Caddies, tiny Thunderbird sport coupes with circle windows, finned anything, cars that came with racing stripes, and little low-slung Camaros which flew, etc.

  19. Titus:

    Everyone I know who has owned BMW's (including myself) has found their engines to be problematic. Therefore, we say that BMW stands for "Big Money Wasted".

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