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Laundry day

October 27th, 2010

Claus and I share the laundry chores, though he's been doing more of it since I went back to work full-time. We seem to end up doing a load every other day. We definitely do a load after he/we come home from jujitsu practice. On those nights, we'll put the gi in the washer, and fill up the rest of the washer with whatever dirty clothes there are, just to make a full load.

I have not been going to jujitsu. As I mentioned in earlier blogs, I've been so tired from the steep learning curve, I'm done at the end of the day. I have been going to sleep at 8-ish. Jujitsu isn't over till 9. I'm fast asleep when he gets home.

It seems that his white jujitsu pants have become streaked with a lot of pink lately. It's probably because he throws Olivia's clothes in the washer with his gi, and she likes to wear a lot of pink, and something is bleeding. I am guilty of making that error myself in the past, so I can't criticize him. The pink usually fades after a few washes and if it doesn't, he bleaches the pants. It's not an issue.

I know you're supposed to separate the lights and darks, but we don't. We just have a lot of durable clothing that usually doesn't create a problem. I realize I could get my housewife card revoked for that, but oh well.

I finally made it back to the dojo last week. Claus was wearing his gi and it currently has a pink streak by the bowtie, and a pink blotch on the back. We didn't think anyone else was noticing or caring, since it's 80% men in the class. And then there was Denise. She immediately pointed it out and said, "He always comes to class with something pink on his pants."

I was surprised and amused. "You notice that?" I asked.

"He's famous for that. He always has pink on his pants," she chuckled.

I guess we better start sorting our colors.


When I was a housewife, I did most of the laundry. There are a few items I can machine wash cold, but line dry. Claus would never keep track of that. I'm supposed to throw my items in a special Diane-only basket if they need special care. I forgot.

I threw my black pants and one blouse into the family clothing basket. Claus did the wash. I noticed it just as he was about to throw it all in the dryer.

"Wait, can you hang up that shirt and black pants to air dry?" I asked.

After he did, I noticed a second pair of pants. "Oh, those pants too," I added.

He did. Then I saw a third pair. "What's that black thing? Can you lift it up? I might want that line dried too," I said.

Now he was getting tired of this. After he hung up the third pair of paints, he grabbed the basket and put it right up against the dryer opening and started shoveling the wet clothing in quickly, so I couldn't see what else might be in there to line dry.

"Is there anything else in there of mine?" I quizzed.

"Nope, nope. We're good. It's all done," he said while ushering me into the house.

I'm happy to say that there was nothing else in the basket, so nothing shrunk in the dryer.

How do you handle laundry at your house? What's the worst article of clothing you've had shrink in the dryer or bleed in the wash?


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17 Responses to “Laundry day”

  1. theDman:

    A lot of us guys don't pay attention to colors when we do the laundry.

    But the clothes come out clean don't they?

  2. Masako:

    I am blessed, my husband does the laundry every Friday. Its not that I won't do it but he just gets to it before I do. When I was single I would do laundry whenever, which usually meant piles of clothes and towels. My husband is so diciplined that he comes home and gets to it right away and before I know it its all done!

  3. M:

    Hello Diane,

    Thank you Masako! she forgot to mention that I fold and put her clothes away too. 🙂

  4. kanakakuuna:

    aloha Diane. i do the laundry on the weekend. i separate the laundry into four main piles: whites and baby clothes, colored, dark, and bedding and towels. Like you we line dry but we line dry 80-90 percent of our clothes, with the exception being when it rains then we use the dryer. i noticed some weekends i have to make a pile into 2 separate loads. when i first started doing laundry the whites would occasionally have blotches of red, pink or blue. but recently i had a white t-shirt in the pile of dark clothing and there were white lint on the dark clothes. auwe. i'm still leanring.

  5. galekaminari:

    Hi, Diane! If Claus is pink, something is probably RED, not pink, in the wash. My mom has a red silk blouse that bleeds. We wash that thing separately, and basically retired it. Too bad. It was pretty. As for that mystery item, silk, and rayon items can be bleeders. The worst is raw silk, in my experience. But, it is unusual these days for clothing to bleed. I cold-water wash most things, so maybe that helps. I also use Dr. Bronner's organic castille soap with essential oils (which help act as preservatives for the soap), which is a very gentle soap.

    Kanaka, while I am thinking of it, I wanted to tell you, that while generally mixing white with dark can cause lint problems, it is sometimes a matter of how linty the fabric is. For instance, was the white tee new? Towels can be very linty! New fabric and towel-ly stuff, chenille, thick wools, corduroy, etc, are the worst with lint, and if you use a dryer, the lint trap will be full.

    I once decided to throw 100% camelhair fabric in the wash. OMG, the amount of lint! I don't think that was too good for the fabric to lose that much fiber. But, I am unwilling to dry clean, as I do not like the chemicals, so decided that I was going to treat my camelhair fabric as wash and wear, or consign it to the storage bin.

    If one sews, then one can pre-shrink even wools, before sewing, and never have to dry clean the garment afterwards. I recommend cold wash, hang dry. Silk chiffon that has been pre-shrunk, (I do it with non-preshrunk too!), can go in the washer and dryer, if it is not crinkle chiffon. Regular silk chiffon does fabulously in a cold wash and then dried in a dryer. Pull out right away, and you will not even have to iron that chiffon garment. Wash it a few times color sorted or by itself until it bleeds out, if it bleeds.

    Test bleeding by running a garment under water at the sink before tossing in the wash, if you think it might bleed. Use hot water to test, if you are going to hot water wash. This will be far afield for most, but for those who dry clean their silk chiffon and care, I am still deciding how to best treat "crinkle chiffon", so that it does not massively pleat together like those broomstick fabrics and need to be ironed. I am thinking that I might be able to tolerate crinkle silk chiffon which has been hung sideways so that gravity pulls the crinkles "pleats", or folds, out straighter. For those who care, crinkle silk chiffon is washable, but you might have to iron it to get the look you want. Personally, I would never buy it again. No wonder it was on sale for $1 per yard! 😉

  6. Eric:

    Wow galekaminari that is quite a post! Good info.

    My wife and I often take a team approach....she separates and loads... then directs me to empty the washer contents into the dryer....however, she does most of the second thought, maybe this isn't really a "team" approach..LOL

  7. Rosette:

    I use to do four loads of laundry everyday......but after 20 years finally I get smart!....each one of us get our own basket plus one towel..towels are dark for boys ...I teach my boys to spearate the color ..but boys clothes are mostly dark....

    but my own I like to hang dry certain things smells nice... and I pick clothes that don't need ironing since I m lazy! I bought second hand clothes that I can wear as I age so I wont need to shop and waste my time....

    after 20 years I FREAK out I don't care go wash your own I tell them... don't expect me to rion sinceit is your fault if you pick clothes that need ironing..I a busy napping funny!

    I like to wash my bedsheet every week....two boys and husband finally I am relaxing...boys can manage finally.

  8. Rosette:

    yes my husband tell me oh by the way can you hang this certain ugly shirt of his ..I tell him don't look at me his fault he buys clothes that is not easy to manage....since he expect me to separate his ugly clothes I TOSS A BASKET AT HIS FACE here you do your own crap....omg ....imagine his clothes are big and heavy...!

  9. Rosette:

    I get smart too..I make sure I wear mostly no separating.. and the shirt I wear are light and easy to hand wash then I hang dry no ironing... my shirt smells nice I don't care if my husband shirt stink..omg funny! HE goes my shirt has a weird smell...he hang dry it indoor..omg I crack myself up...he will learn on his own...I like to hang dry outside cool day my shirt is not too crunchy...

  10. Rosette:

    my mother in law she say to me she does her husband laundry and iron then get up for her kids early and shop so on and on she I talk back to her it is her fault she doesn't train her husband to do things...her husband hard to train...omg funny..yes my kids are trained so I hate having to argue with least when I pawn my kids to the wife he is half trained I tell her !

  11. galekaminari:

    Hi, Eric! Glad you liked the info, which was kind of weird-ish. I just wanted you to know that the hardest part of doing the laundry for most females is moving the heavy wet laundry from the washer to the dryer. So, you ARE a very important part of the team effort. 😀

    My husband likes to think that he does his own laundry, but the reality is that he puts it in and forgets to take it out. So, his stuff gets washed several times before it makes it to the dryer. I am willing to keep running it to keep it from getting foul, but the part that I insist that he do himself is the moving from washer to dryer. Luckily, he sends half his stuff to the cleaners, but big heavy wet jeans are a pain for me to deal with. And don't even get me started on his socks!

    I once knew someone who used to pin his socks together with diaper pins, and launder them pinned. I thought that he was completely off his rocker. Must be an age thing. Now that I am older, I am actually starting to wonder if the guy was not on to something. His goal was to get his socks to wear exactly evenly. That would not be my goal. But, the reason I am now considering his "out there" laundry idea is that it keeps the colors paired and, pinned, the socks are less pesky, being bigger and half the number to fish out of the washer.

    The funny laundry issue in our house is my husband asking, "Is this sock black or blue?" I am always tempted to say, "If you cannot tell, then does it really matter?" But, I love him, so always try to help guess. I think that my husband would just like to have matching socks. So, the pinning thing would solve his problem.

    A famous local TV personality of Yesteryear used to wear red socks, and for audience consumption (at least in my childhood memory) used to quip that he only had red socks so that they all matched. In those days, I bet those red socks all bled. If that were Claus, his Gi would be completely pink.

    BTW, Diane, a lot of the Asian martial arts guys hand wash and soak their Gi before tossing in the color-sorted white wash. If Claus ever gets tired of pink Gi, then try soaking in Clorox 2. That is a trick that my guy friends taught me. They also spot treat using a paste of Clorox 2. Personally, I think that Dreft handles things a lot easier, but then I do not have laundry challenges.

    Dreft is the baby soap to get out childhood stains. It is probably a rather harsh soap, but works pretty well for stained clothing. My girlfriend, who only has expensive clothing in her household, swears by Tide. Where my child has tons of unusable stained clothing from small kid time, from spilling spaghetti sauce, etc., my gf's kid had perfect clothing, even though he played in red dirt, because she used Tide. My other girlfriend claimed that Tide was environmentally unfriendly, so I never made the switch. Instead, I just got Simple Green to pre-treat.

  12. zzzzzz:

    Diane, you wouldn't have that issue with Claus if you line-dried everything. It'll also drop your electric bill quite a bit, and you'll likely find that most of your clothes, especially delicates, last longer. Keep in mind that an electric dryer is a very efficient clothing-to-lint converter that also dries clothes.

    It'll also make your house safer, as lint buildup is a fire hazard.

  13. sally:

    I grew up line-drying so that's my choice. Only time I ever used a dryer was when I lived in an apt where we had to use the laundromat. Even then, I still brought the "clothes" clothes in to hang ... wherever there was room. Shower rod, towel rods, door handles, curtain rods...

    I'm lucky, I have my own laundry line for my apt. I can wash whenever I want, like how I started at 5:30 this morning.

    I used to wash two loads a week (aside from blankets and sheets). Darks. Whites. Then my daughter moved back in with me. She'll help do laundry but I usually get to it... out of habit. (I'd rather she cook). The amount of clothes two wahines can wear is astounding!

  14. Diane Ako:

    Sally, for environmental, budgetary, and clothing-care issues, i line dry. I will also use hangers and hang it in door frames. But the men will not and id rather let claus do laundry rather than complain its not done "right" and then have more work. I just do not have time/energy with job and preschooler to manage it all anymore!

  15. sally:

    Yup Diane I hear ya! Wait a few years when she can cook. You're gonna LOVE not cooking! LOL!

  16. zzzzzz:

    Remind Claus that if he uses the dryer, he should also clean out not just the lint trap, but also all the vent hose. Lint accumulation in the vent is a fire hazard.

    He may just find that it's easier to hang the clothes than to clean out all the lint.

  17. Mary:

    I got rid of my dryer a couple years ago for economical and environmental reasons and I dry everything on laundry racks. It takes a little more clock time but I find it takes much less of me time. It is the me time that really matters in the end. I sort darks, lights and reds. Normally we do not have a bleeding problem since I hardly ever have new clothes in the wash.

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