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Hawaii 5-O vs. Korean dramas
November 26th, 2010

Not one but two aunties told me they would watch my Hawaii 5-O cameo on Monday night, if if didn't conflict with their K-drama. "When in the show are you? Beginning, middle, or end?" they asked. I had no idea. I only got the pages of script relevant to my lines, so I had no clue. As it turns out, my scene airs about 15 minutes into the show, and darn it, I'll have you know I save a man's life.

11-22-10 Diane Hawaii 50 Episode 9

A friend called from Connecticut. "You were good. I was surprised," Jon admitted, and then went on to say repeatedly how phony he thought my amateur turn at acting would be. Thanks?

"It really seemed like you were a reporter!" he marveled. I wonder why that could be?

I can't believe I now have a profile on IMDB. It's been fun, because I've had friends call, e mail, and Facebook out of the blue. A number of them didn't know I was going to be on and were surprised to see me.

Except, of course, the aunties loyal to My Lovely Sam Soon or Dae Jang Geum. Should I make it on KBFD, now that would really rate in their book.

[youtube R1UlNfyEjQw]

[youtube Phh1tPwwAf4]


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5 Responses to “Hawaii 5-O vs. Korean dramas”

  1. hawaiiobsessed:

    ha ha. Maybe the Aunties could have DVR'd you? I thought you were very believable as a reporter. :>)

  2. NEO:

    Diane, don't feel bad, my gramma doesn't watch Hawaii 5-0 because she has to watch "The Nine Tailed Fox" on KBFD... AND WE'RE NOT EVEN KOREAN!!!!!! Anyhoo, I thought you were wonderful, and I look forward to the day when Olivia is old enough to let you get back to TV News, we miss you!

  3. M:

    Hello Diane!

    You were GREAT on H50!
    I hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving too! Happy Holidays!

  4. Diane Ako:

    LOL- thanks all. I am just joking about the aunties. I am not offended by them - but I did tease them! I happened to bump into my Aunty Roz at the mall yesterday (weren't we all shopping?!) and she laughed and laughed because she'd seen the blog.

    As for work, I gotta say, Halekulani is way too sweet of a job to want to leave! Not just saying that to K.A. I really like it - and like it more every day. Plus I have a really good boss. That is not to be taken for granted.

  5. labrat:

    Now that you are a star when are you going to be on Dancing With The Stars?

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