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Bead emergency

December 22nd, 2010

Every time we vacation with my cousin's family, some minor tragedy befalls my kid. Last time, she needed to go to the ER for a head gash. This time, she stuck a bead in her ear. Yes, a bead.

I was sleeping (because I'm such a lightweight, three-year-olds outlast me) when Claus turned on the bedroom light and dumped Olivia on the bed. "She stuck a bead in her ear," he declared. He poured oil in the ear and turned her on her side, hoping it would slide out. He tried to suck it out with a Capri Sun straw.


What?!?, I thought. This was like, four hours into the staycation and already a crisis? After waiting a few minutes, he turned her back onto her side so he could look into the ear. Nope, still quite lodged. The whole time, all the little kiddies were crowding the bed trying to see what's going on.

I called my nurse friend, Lori, who practices female health care. "If she's not in pain, go tomorrow. You'll be suck in the ER all night," she said. "And you have to stop taking vacations with this cousin."

The next morning, instead of enjoying the beach, the three of us drove to the nearest medical clinic. I kid you not, but as we strapped Olivia in the car seat, she started singing Beat It. I'm sure one of the cousins taught her that.


The doctor easily and quickly removed the bead with small forceps. Olivia was a very good girl and did not move her head at all.

Other people's critera for vacation destinations include proximity to activities or price point. When we vacation with Cousins, we just have to make sure we're near a medical facility.

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13 Responses to “Bead emergency”

  1. M:

    Hello Diane!
    I'm glad she's fine. 🙂
    Never a dull moment, there's always excitment in your house hold! hahahaha

  2. hawaiiobsessed:

    Oh my goodness! This was much better than the head gash tho. Claus was there, it could wait til morning, it won't scar, you didn't have to go to ER in the middle of the night.....Yes, I think when seeing the cousins the proximity to a medical facility will have to be the first consideration! Have safe fun!

  3. Galekaminari:


  4. Kage:

    Think of all the stories you will have when she grows up. 🙂

  5. RedZone:

    A book called "My kid Olivia" are in the works?

  6. kanakakuuna:

    aloha Diane. we vacation where medical support is readily available. i'm glad there's a happy ending.

  7. Rosette:

    with kids I almost have nervous breakdown.... that is why I vacation at home alone while I send my husband with the two boys...!

    Oh you want vacation sit in the sofa I tell my kids!

    When I go on vacation I go with my friend she has two girls not too hyper and we get separate rooms.... usually I am pretty lucky no accident.

    As soon as I leave my son with the husband my son full of bruises..his annoying friends I pick the kids my son plays ....lucky for me my nieces are calm youngest I have to really monitor he get excited.... I am glad he is getting more mature and slowly calming down....I keep my son away from other boys or he pick up all sort of annoying habits so for Chritmas I stay mith my son and keep him company just the two of us peace and quit no calamity ...I train my son to be with me this way he can calm down!

  8. Rosette:

    peace and quiet ...

    if the kid doesn't know how to be alone they get too hyper ... !

  9. Rosette:

    reason why I keep my boys from cousins...sometimes they pick up all sorts of annoying habits.... then I be retraining the takes me a week!

    hard raising kids they pick up all sorts of habits..

  10. Rosette:

    I think my sister in law her son stuck a pea inside his nose....

  11. Rosette:

    yes maybe next time use sticky gum will do ... chew chew chew..stick in the ear !

    next the kid will stick gum ..omg

    so lecture time do not stick anything in any part of your body..I used to lecture my boys at age three...lucky they listen.

  12. Rosette:

    oh one time my friend called me told me her daughter run around at school banged her front tooth climbing...her permanent..OMG! so with kids I be on edge everyday I tell them better not make me sit the hospital or you will get it! See that is why I tell my kids sit sit..lucky my oldest is very calm contented!
    one time I used to spy on my oldest kid at school during lunch..some kid will be throwing pebbles at him he just walk away lucky he doesn't get it in his I used to take him home for lunch..but I feel bad he need to play eith kids but oh well..he didn't seem to mind going home ..he was happy alone away from crazy kids!

    when we go on holiday I be saying to my husbnad where is the hospital in this place and it better have one...yes KIDS !

  13. Titus:

    Maybe a piece of gum could have been used to carefully remove the bead.

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