Small Talk
January 24th, 2011

For weeks, I've been hearing about Olivia's new boyfriend, Aiden. That means Tai's out. She met Aiden at preschool. I guess they have a lot more in common.

When I drop her off in the morning, I ask if he's there. She always says no. I was getting curious after all this time, so one morning I lingered on the topic. "Are you sure he's not here?"


"All the other kids are here. Are you just embarassed to introduce me to your friends?" I asked.

"Yes," she answered.

By this time we had arrived in the class, and she went to put her stuff away in her cubby. That's when I realized that all the kids have their photos by their names, so I decided to hunt for Aiden's photo. I was hoping she has good taste.

Thankfully, she does. He is a cute hapa boy with dark hair and big brown eyes. His hair was neatly combed back for a Sears-type portrait, so he has parents who care.

Later that day, I reported all this to Claus, who laughed at me. "You're spying on her? If this is what it's like now, what's going to happen when she's 13?"


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4 Responses to “Aiden”

  1. Ted Chappell:


    That is the "Mom" in U ! Trust me me Dads are worse !
    We just say anything !


  2. kanakakuuna:

    aloha Diane:
    funny. what will u b like when Olivia is 13?

  3. M:

    Hello Diane,

    There will be many more boys to track....hahaha

  4. Titus:

    Aiden seems to be a popular name these days. Our school has three of them.

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