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New room

January 19th, 2011

When do you "promote" a child to a new room? When Olivia was a baby, we gave her a very small bedroom, with the idea that she could earn a bigger room with good deeds and behavior. We weren't exactly sure when that would be, but that was the idea.

I painted her room peach with white trim, and put butterflies all over the walls. It's really cute. We decided to put a big bed in the room because sometimes I lie down with her to nap or sleep. Unfortunately, I've come to realize the bed is too hard for my liking.

At the same time, she has taken a liking to playing in the guest room, which is larger and sunnier, with a softer bed. I decided to switch rooms and give her the larger room, thinking that if I like the room's ambience and bed better, maybe she feels the same. Maybe if that was her room, she would want to spend more time in there... in the middle of the night... instead of coming into our bed. And I could get better sleep. I love to sleep with her but she kicks and tosses, so I like to limit it to a few hours.

It took me a weekend to make the swap, and I had to get Claus to help me at the end. I'm embarassed to admit that I have accumulated more stuff than can fit in my closet. Claus and I should heed the plethora of New Years resolution/ spring cleaning articles about paring down one's closet, but- well, maybe another weekend's task.

When we presented her the new room, she was so excited, she jumped up and down on the bed for about ten minutes yelling, "I have a new room!" We all do end up spending more time in her new room. It's just more comfortable, for some reason.

She's still waking up in the middle of the night and coming into our bed, though. I have no idea how to stop that. Any suggestions?


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Wedding card

January 17th, 2011

Paul Drewes and I attended a wedding for one of our news friends recently. There were about 15 news people, actually, and most of them with some tie to KHNL, which is where the bride worked. She asked most of us to come without our spouses, so my former work husband was my "date." (I know my last co-anchor was Howard Dashefsky, but really - Dash belongs to no woman! Ha ha.)

The day of the wedding, Paul called me to coordinate a meeting time, and mentioned he was picking up a card. I had forgotten to get one, so we decided to just jointly sign one card. "Get something with feathers and crystal bling," I suggested.

What does he show up with?


Those of you who know Paul are laughing by now. Honestly, that pretty much sums up the michevious nature of one Paul Drewes.  If you don't know Paul - it's fine, it's fine. We know the couple pretty well. It'll generate the intended laughs.

He signed the envelope "To the groom only."

I still verbally apologized when I saw them at the reception.


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Gone with the Wind

January 14th, 2011

I have never seen Gone with the Wind! I can't remember reading it, either. I know I should, so when my aunt gave that DVD to my dad for Christmas, I asked to borrow it.

One night after work, I forced Claus to watch it with me. He wanted me to hang out with him instead of doing work in my home office (as I am reading my own sentences I'm thinking, What is wrong with me??!), but I wasn't interested in yet another episode of a cooking show on Food Network. He acquiesced to lying next to me on the sofa while I looked at Scarlett O'Hara, and he fell asleep.

Frankly, I found it interesting. Slow moving by today's standards, but quaint in many ways, from the filmmaking technology, to the southern culture it portrayed. I did not know teenaged girls all took naps in the same room together while little slave children fanned them with peacock feathers.

We did not get through it all, and the following night, I had a wedding to go to by myself. "Bye," I called out from the car. "If I get home early enough, we can finish Gone with the Wind!"

"Bye," he answered. "Stay out all night!"


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Blue roach

January 12th, 2011

If a roach eats blue toothpaste, will it turn blue? That's what a friend of mine says. She claims she's seen several small roaches in her bathroom, and deduced that they're eating her toothpaste, because they're the same color blue.

This came about as I was looking at her iPhone photos. I asked why there was a photo of an uncapped tube of toothpaste. It was not even an artistic photo. It was blurry.

Blue roach- a couple inches below toothpaste tube

Blue roach- a couple inches below toothpaste tube

She sighed disgustedly. "These dang kids. I keep telling them to cap the toothpaste when they're done, and they never listen to me. I keep telling them that the bugs will crawl in and eat the toothpaste if it's left open," she said.

How does a blurry photo of uncapped toothpaste somehow prove that point? I wondered.

She enlarged the picture to show me a blurry oval dot, which was sort of blue in color. "That's a roach. Several times, I've come in to find one near the toothpaste. It must have eaten it because it turned the same color blue! The kids won't believe me until I show them proof!"

I'm sufficiently grossed out. It seems plausible; the roach is light in color. I am curious to know if you have had that experience, or if you think it's true. I couldn't find anything on an internet search. I'll be making sure to cap my toothpaste from now on, though!


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Eye have another one

January 10th, 2011

Olivia has a bad habit of brushing hair out of her face with her hands. She's done this since she was a baby, and she keeps doing it. She does it without thinking of what else it might affect; she was kicking in the deep end of the pool and she released one hand off the kickboard to brush off her bangs.

The other day, she was using scissors while my mom was supervising. Cutting is a big deal for a three-year-old, I've learned. She wants to cut everything, all the time. I have no idea why it's so fun, but I can go with that.

She brought the scissors to her face while brushing the hair away. It horrified my mother. It would have horrified me if I witnessed it, too.

"Stop doing that," chided my mom, apparently several times. "You could poke your eye!"

Finally, Miss Sassy responded, "I have another one."

Oh, geez.


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