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Size 4... or 4T

April 22nd, 2011

I'm a size 4. I'm not ashamed of that. Even though I was at a party recently with my friend Julie, who commented that she doesn't have any bright colored clothes. "You can borrow this dress," I offered helpfully, not realizing that I was actually insulting her. "You're a 4, right? We look about the same?"

Julie and me, a.k.a. Size 0 and Size 4

Julie and me, a.k.a. Size 0 and Size 4

She apologetically looked at me and said, "Oh, actually... I'm a zero-petite." I know she's in fabulous shape as she is a marathoner, but I didn't realize quite how fabulous. In trying to make me feel better, she mentioned the fact that she just tried on a double zero-petite at Banana Republic and <gasp> could not fit it! I responded with FCC-censored surprise.

Which brings me to this funny occurrence that's been happening in my house since my daughter was several months old. Claus continually, consistently confuses her clothing for mine, and vice versa. At first I thought it was a joke, then I thought it was some strategically crafted plan of his to strangely compliment me by implying my butt is small enough to rock a pair of undies meant for a three year old.

Size 4 or 4T?

Size 4 or 4T?

I find my tee shirts in her drawer, or her panties in my drawer. He confuses our socks, and if her skirt is really long, he gets that confused too. I don't know why, because I stopped wearing mini-skirts years ago.

What is it this man thinks when he looks at female garments? "It all looks the same. Pink, girly, small," he said. That might fly, except I can now actually fit his athletic shorts and have accepted a hand-me-down from a pair that my own husband deems too small for himself. My 170 pound husband. I'm 50 pounds lighter than he is. Does that qualify me as a Pear? I have had prouder moments in body image.

I put up with these wardrobe malfunctions for years, just laughing at the mistakes. Until this week, when I found my bra tucked in her drawer. To be fair, it's a tube top, but you know, it functions like a bra.

I walked over to him with this in my hand and said, "Do you even look at the things you're putting away? What do you think this could be for Olivia?" He just laughed. A man's world is so simple for clothing choices. I think after he exhausts the basic choices of top/bottom/ undergarment, he hits saturation and just plays the odds that he's got a 50-50 chance of being right.

"From now on, how about you leave our clothing in piles for me to sift through before I put them away?" I asked.

Or maybe this object of his game was to do it so wrong that he gets absolved from folding obligations!

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7 Responses to “Size 4... or 4T”

  1. Kage:

    While I was reading I was thinking he is doing it on purpose to get out of folding laundry. 🙂
    I know a few guys that employ that tactic to get out of doing chores. 😆

  2. kanakakuuna:

    aloha Diane:

    i fold clothes and with a first grader and a toddler i know what garment goes where. occasionally i'd put a garment in the wrong pile but that's b'cuz of hand-me-downs and i'd toss the garment on the original owner's stack of folded clothing.

  3. Rosette:

    Oh my husband does his own laundry and my kids they do their own laundry any mix up would be between my two boys I would wash my youngest clothes..I feel sorry for him so I get suck up I do his load.. !

    NOTE TO SELF DO NOT WASH MY YOUNGEST SON CLOTHES LET HIM DO THAT..funny...I cannot resist my youngest he has a way of twisting me around his finger and I do his I will massage you then next thing I be washign his laundry and stuck at the store buying his shoes!

    sometimes my youngest get his big brothers things when I put away they look the youngest is big boy almost the same size as his big brother...

    My husband would be mocking my tiny under wear kid size..WHAT WOULD YOU SOONER I GET HAVE HUMONGOUS UNDIES OR WHAT! with tiny things I crammed them all no folding..hey we do our own things no one nag..who cares if it is wrinkled !

    oh but yesterday my youngest he is neat he cleaned out his closet he has more room half empty his closet...I didn't even nag him to clean he just did it on his own ....unlike my messy husband room full of junk

  4. Rosette:

    you know what else is funny..I go to see a doctor and we have light conversation
    about kids and husband..I told her my boys do chores MY YOUNGEST CHORE WATCH AND PLAY WITH HIS GAMES>>OH DEAR! and my oldest does the food shopping and his own laundry..the doctor was surprise I don't even give my oldest any money to do those things for son has a job now.

    she told me her husband wont do his own laundry so I told her OH SO JUST SCREAM AT HIM THAT SHOULD WORK..funny..what kind of a guy wont do his own laundry! My husbnad evne make his own lunch for work....I SLEEP ..funny ..ahhh RELAX
    I feel bad for the Doctor her she cannot yell at her husband
    I will do the yelling that's for sure...I do the lazy tway so I relax watch tv.!

  5. Ynaku:

    Kage, You spilling our secret 😆

    We have the same problem at home except it's between my son and I. We both wear the same size clothes. I find my T-shirts in his drawer and none of his in mine. Then I confront him saying, "Hey you know that's not your stuff, why do you keep wearing it?"

    His answer? "Cause it's there" 😯 Just BECAUSE it's in his drawer doesn't make it HIS 😀

    Now HE has to mark his clothes. As for underwear, we buy different brands. He get's to wear Hanes and I get the FTL

    Ha ha so funny.

  6. M:

    Hello Diane, I don't understand women sizes. Us men just have S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL or by waist size.

  7. Mr. B:

    I'm gonna say it "straight". Either your husband is trying to get out of folding clothes, or he simply isn't very bright. I've got a daughter, and I remember the size of her clothes when she was 3-4 years old. And, as everyone knows, there is a HUGE difference in size between a 4T and the garments of even the most petite adult female. One has to be kinda numb to continually place the clothes in the wrong drawer.

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