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April 25th, 2011

In the morning, I have Olivia feed the three pets before she can turn on PBS Kids. Now and then, a station promo comes on that starts with PBS Hawaii president Leslie Wilcox. Media powerhouse Wilcox is a former colleague of mine; most locals will remember that she anchored at KHON2 for many years before moving on to PBS.

Leslie Wilcox and me

Leslie Wilcox and me

I like Leslie a lot. Everyone likes Leslie. One day when the promo started, I told Olivia, "Look, there's Mommy's friend."


The promo quickly cut to other video to show the different programming the station offers. By the time Olivia looked at the screen, the next section of video was a cartoon. "You know Cat in the Hat?" she asked. "Wow!"

That was a fun TV moment. Here is a less fun TV moment:

In Safeway the other night, Olivia was helping me put the groceries on the belt. As she placed the fruits down, she said, "These kiwis, sponsored by... kiwis!"

It was so randomly funny, both the lady behind us and I turned to look at Olivia. Sponsored by?

"What did you say, Hon?" I asked, because I just wanted to be sure I had heard correctly. She realized she had said something funny, and tried to one-up herself. "PBS Kids, sponsored by!"

Nothing makes me feel like a worse parent than to know the capitalist machinery is already at work with my child. The deeper implication, of course, is that I'm such a bad mom, I'm letting the TV babysit my kid. Working mom guilt! I suck!

I know PBS is non-profit and I have paid attention since, so I think the wording is actually, "Support for this program comes from..." That means she got the "sponsored by" wording from another TV show. See above, re: sucking.

Am I horrible for turning on the TV so she can stay out of my hair for 15 minutes while I make her lunch and get myself ready for work? Will she still grow up to be a well-balanced adult who doesn't hate her parents? Am I overthinking this?

*sigh* If nothing else, at least it's PBS.

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7 Responses to “This blog, sponsored by...”

  1. kuunakanaka:

    aloha Diane:

    you are overthinking this. you've got to do what you got to do when balancing life demands which includes your child's demands. always be there for Olivia and love her. TV allowed you to have time to do what needs to get done in order to care for Olivia. i make use of DVDs and/or TVs to get the meals ready.

  2. Rosette:

    yes you think too make that 2 hours of t.v....funny..if a kid doesn't know how to sit infront of t.v. she will turn like my husband drives me nuts he cannot sit watch movie with me..he has to be out and about like a fool ..but now I trained my husband to relax with me..HEY IT COST MONEY TO BUY THE T.V and satellite so use it RELAX..funny! if you pay for cable I make sure I use the t.v!

  3. Rosette:

    when I was younger my mom wont let us watch t.v on school night only on as soon as I got my own house I got TV in every room and reciever gallore so we can watch any channel and not fight.

    good God she had black and white t.v in a corner and she control that..omg..all we watch cartoons and she drove me nuts...and she wont buy games as soon as I have my boys the two year old boy can play nintendo playstation! LOOK MOM TV EVERYWHERE IN MY next thing she wanted my hsuband and I to hook up t.v in her room and I try to convince her to stick one in her lving room..she bore me when I vist no t.v. !

    I have t.v in each corner of my house so I don't have to miss anything I turn them all ..funny!

  4. Rosette:

    my mom said her living room is for chatting with her friends so no t.v.. I feel like saying YES MOM YOUR FRIEND CHAT and say where is the t.v. so you can shut up yapping...funny!

  5. Mr. B:

    Leslie Wilcox is great. The majority of the reports and anchors that are on TV today require very little skills. Basically, one just needs to look good, have a pleasant voice, and be able to read. News has really gone downhill in the last 15 years. The "weather report" that's on the news is ridiculous - Hawaii has the most stable weather in the nation, if not the world, so why do they have to spend so much time on the weather?? It's ridiculous.

    Leslie Wilcox was one of the last people who had true, in-depth knowledge about Hawaii's politics, the judicial system, etc. In other words, she is bright - she's as smart as they come, and she PAID HER DUES in the industry. Today, the pre-requisite to becoming an anchor/reporter is to attend HPU and to win the Ms. Hawaii contest.

  6. Titus:

    It sounds like you're watching TV with her, though, so at least you're still doing something together.

  7. zzzzzz:

    I miss Leslie Wilcox on the news. She brought an unparalleled local perspective to the stories she covered (I once heard her say, "all futless"--you cannot get more local than that).

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