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Tooth Fairy payout

August 22nd, 2011

My daughter is a little ways away from losing her baby teeth, but someone at school taught her about the Tooth Fairy already. And with the patience of a four year old, she asks every week now when she will lose her first tooth, and how much will the Tooth Fairy pay for said tooth?

They're coming! The adult teeth!

They're coming! The adult teeth!

The first mention of this came at a time when I was not present, but the two guys were. Olivia's dad and babysitter are both Danish, and this was not an automatic response for them. It threw them for a momentary loop. There is no Tooth Fairy in Denmark, they tell me, but they did a literal translation of the words into Danish so they can continue speaking in Danish to her.

As such, they also had no idea what the Tooth Fairy pays for a tooth, and if it's the same amount each time. They asked me when I returned home for advice, but honestly, it's been too long since I lost my teeth. I can't even remember what I did last weekend, much less 30 years ago when my teeth were coming out.

As it happens, a recent Visa Inc. survey discovered that even the Tooth Fairy is not immune from the country's lingering economic challenges, leaving an average of $2.60 per tooth, a 40 cent decrease from last year's $3 per tooth.

Other interesting tidbits from the survey:
-In the Eastern U.S., the Tooth Fairy now leaves just $2.10, a 38% cut from the $3.40 she left in 2010.
-Southern states also saw a significant decrease in the Tooth Fairy's largess, $2.60 in 2011 versus $3.30 in 2010 – a 21% reduction.
-Midwestern children receive an average of $2.80, a modest 3% decrease from last year's $2.90.
-The West bucked the national trend of a belt-tightening Tooth Fairy, with children pocketing $2.80, up 4% from last year's $2.70.

As the sole American in my household, I'm going to make an executive decision to contact the Tooth Fairy and recommend a $2/tooth payout, consistent across the board for all 20 baby teeth. I know some parents prefer to use a declining pay scale for each subsequent tooth, but that'll be too hard for me to remember each time. Simple. I have to keep it simple.

Any suggestions on how much the Tooth Fairy should pay per tooth? What did you get for your baby teeth?

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13 Responses to “Tooth Fairy payout”

  1. kuunakanaka:

    aloha Diane:

    my now seven-year-old got 2-bucks. after that the tooth fairy gave her books, like Bible stories, including her first Bible this past June. i think i got a dollar when i lost my tooth.

  2. Rosette:

    I made a game out of it..I trailed gum and few loose change around age five plus a toy ...then as my second son got older I tell him oh crap tooth fairy forgot ..he didn't want toy or gum or candy ( second child syndrome)! ...but here have twenty bucks and shut up... kid drove me nuts I told him no such thing as toothfairy so shut it...funny! after second child and the youngest smarter than the first child ..he wanted more cash ...I broke down with nonesense.... he was going to break all his tooth to have more cash.

  3. Rosette:

    My first child easy to please...he believe toothfairy and Santa until age 12 but second child too darn smart I give was fun watching my oldest son looking for his tooth and I hide it...he be so excited trail of cash and second child annoying omg FINE I TELL HIM NO TOOTH FAIRY ...20 dollars just shut up!

  4. Rosette:

    I use to buy small toys just for toothfairy you never know when the darn tooth falls out then the regular tear mom toothfairy forgot ! last twenty bucks darn kid cry..he knows how to break me down!

  5. Rosette:

    just wait until the tooth falls out in the middle of snow one boy looking for his tooth crying funny my brother told me this ..oh dear...the boys father told my brother it is okay his son is looking for his tooth frantic he wont get money! REASON why I finally told my youngest shut up no toothfairy lets bargain with twenty bucks! My husband got mad at me he told me why did you tell him that in the middle of the ngith the darn boy cry over tooth...SO I TOLD THEM BOTH SHUT UP you are creating a monster child wanting to pull all is tooth out for cash!

  6. Rosette:

    I never thought I be stress over a tooth..when the darn tooth start to wiggle I be stuck playing the dentist darn kid crying and I pulling it out ..if you leave the tooth too long it will grow and the tooth will be crooked so I was stressed out waiting for tooth to fall ..what if the darn kid swallows it or lost it at school he be crying and darn kid stressed...then I be screaming at my husband do you have cash in the middle of the night rummage for left over gum and toys chocolate and no cash so I be tempted break piggy bank ..just to please a kid finally I told them all no toothfairy.....then wait until they compare what the cousin got .....I win nothing beats trail of candy and cash...funny! then I feel bad the cousin look so sad!

  7. Ken Conklin:

    When I was little I got a quarter (25 cents) for each tooth. That was a lot of money for a kid back in the Stone Age. But I'm not sure whether that continued for all 19 of my baby teeth. 19? Yes. I'm now old enough to get Social Security, but I still have one baby tooth, and it has never had a cavity. By the way, do we know what is the gender of the Tooth Fairy? Somehow I always thought the Tooth Fairy was male.

    Diane, I recommend you save all the teeth Olivia loses, whether they are baby teeth which fall out naturally or later teeth which get diseased and need to be extracted. The time might come when she will want to have them. After all, part of her heritage is Hawaiian, and she might come to believe that teeth are bones which carry mana, and could even be used by her enemies to cast spells on her.

    As an adult I have had quite a few teeth extracted over a period of many years: one each in Detroit and Atlanta, two in Boston, and three during my 19 years in Kane'ohe. On each occasion I asked the dentist and his assistant, moments before they did the bloody deed, to save the extracted tooth and let me take it home. I have saved them all in a jar, which I'm looking at right now. The most recent extraction was only a few months ago. Some of the teeth came out in pieces because they broke during the extraction; but I saved all the pieces. I tell the dentist that someday, if I get enough teeth, I'll string them into a kupe'e niho to wear on my ankle to make a charming rattling sound whenever I do the hula.

  8. Titus:

    Visa Inc. has too much time on its hands! I wonder what else they survey?

  9. Rosette:

    yes I got advice to boys they didn't want me to pull the tooth out so we device a plan to use the door and slam it shut youngest son shaking I told him this will be fun your uncle did that oldest son accidentally open the door before we finish ..out the next tooth I get fed up second child I told him fine you be the dentist you pull it out by yourself..I told him he was brave before he can do it sure enough he pulled it out I gave him no cash I told him you are brave good for you..He wrote letter to the tooth fairy.HE WANT RED CAR since he pulled his own tooth funny!

    now guess what I am stuck with my husband tooth ...I threw it out! DON'T TELL HIM
    " next victim to pass my son's tooth his wife...funny huh!

  10. Rosette:

    if a grandchild ever come crying to me for a tooth I tell him go pull it yourself don't ask money from toothfairy...funny!

  11. Rosette:

    yes tell her the toothfairy is broke ....!

  12. Rosette:

    I give my boys salt water to rinse after they pull their own tooth out ..then I tell them you are brave... good for you.

  13. Rosette:

    yes kind of funny my husband showing me his I was like OH SSo damn it I be stuck with your crap...funny...I toss it out..and here I am doing the toothfairy crap my boys don't even care oh I save the tooth torture his wife with that..funny!

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