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August 26th, 2011

Olivia is into hiding. I forgot that I liked that as a child, too. I wonder why that's so popular with kids.

Anyhow, since she was very young, maybe a year old, she likes to play hide and seek with us, except she totally doesn't get the concept. She will find a place to hide and when I'm pretending to find her, she will announce herself to me, or she will snicker loudly which will give herself away.

After we "find" her she instructs us to play it again, and points out where she's planning to hide. (Usually same place.)

This has not gotten old for the past three years. When she hears Claus' car pull in from work, she'll exclaim, "I better hide! I better hide! Daddy's home!" and dart into a not-very-secret location.

Then she'll tell me, "Tell Daddy I went to school." That's somehow supposed to translate to, "Olivia is hiding here at home."

But we know. Claus will launch into this search mission, complete with running commentary, like, "I wonder if she is here under this pillow? This table?" etcetera, until he finds her and she screams with joy.

A funnier one is in the morning, she wakes up around 6 a.m. and wants to cuddle with me. She is indignant if I'm already out of bed. I usually accommodate her by returning to bed and lying down for five minutes.

During this time, Claus is usually coming out of his morning shower. She will pull the blanket up over her head and instruct me, "Tell Dada that I went to school."

We play that game a few times. It really doesn't even require Claus to canvass any territory. He just stands there and pretends to look, and she squeals upon the removal of the blanket.

As soon as she is "found" she will pull the blanket up over her head again and repeat the sequence.

We have our morning laugh and then it's time to get the day started.

I only wish I could perform a variation on this trick at work. I'll put a towel over my head at my desk and tell my cubicle neighbor to inform all others looking for me that I went to a meeting. With any luck, they'll believe it and wander away to look for me elsewhere!

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13 Responses to “Hiding”

  1. Ken Conklin:

    I'm guessing that Olivia's delight is not with hiding; rather, it is the reassurance that her presence is missed; and it is her delight in being found. Each time people look for her confirms that she is important to the people who are searching -- she is loved and will not be forgotten. And each time she is found confirms that the people who find her are persistent and powerful -- she can rely upon the fact that they will keep looking until she is found; and she can rely upon their competence and ability to find her. That's one of the reasons people like to believe in God -- Big Daddy in the sky knows we are here, cares about us, will never abandon us, will look for us if we are lost, and will always succeed in finding us. "His eye is on the sparrow."

  2. Kage:


  3. kuunakanaka:

    sounds like fun, Diane. my now seven year old is a good hider, but not so great at keeping a surprised birthday party, which she planned for her mom with her grandma's help, a secret. my two year old has yet to play hide and seek: way to busy playing choo-choo trains.

  4. Titus:

    I think they giggle because they find it funny that it is so obvious where they are, but we keep looking everywhere else.

  5. Rosette:

    yes enjoy that simple moment because as she get older she will be harder to they are happy at simple things (HIDE AND SEEK) but once they get older they will get bored easily then you look out you have to find a way to entertain them...reason why I teach both my boys to sit down and don't pester me..I teach them to amuse themselves alone... I use to tell my oldest son here play chess by yourself and leave me alone...funny...! Yes amusing kids is very oldest brother he put his kids in all sort of sport to amuse them meanwhile I relax and teach my kids the art to entertaining themselves ...I AM NOT A PLAYMATE GET LOST!..I found renting movies with them and snuggling with them is more fun for me easier to entertain a kid that way and I don't go crazy...I find as they get older they can watch a bit of adult movie..the kind that is not oldest son we watched PAUL just the two of us (ALIEN) ....he seemed to enjoy it just the two of us while his younger brother was being amused by my husband watching football game at the arena....summer vacation I have to find ways to amuse the youngest son..usually I toss the boy to his father! With kids you have to find ways to entertain them. I find the cheapest way so they get lost.

  6. Rosette:

    the way I entertain a kid I scream at my youngest here read for half hour youngest told me one time his cousin my husband sister's kids told him he can hide inside a dryer..I HATE WHEN THE COUSINS get together my husband sister's kid I tried to avoid them ...lucky my youngest who was around five years old had enough sense not to go inside the dryer ...I put up with the visit...really I don't need playmate for my kids they have each other then come along stupid cousin with no sense...omg! That is why my husbnad he has to entertain the boys ...I didn't put my kids in any sport instead daddy entertain them they go out and about as soon as they trun 5 I toss them to daddy...I GET PEACE.

  7. Rosette:

    when my boys were little they didn't do the hide and seek only when they have the annoying cousins..the cousins they want to play hide and seek..I don't want them to hide and seek and run around like fools all over the place... my boys I teach them not run around and drive me crazy but good thing as soon as the cousins leave my boys are back to the mommy mode of quiet play or else ! I let my boys play but it has to be my terms...funny.

  8. Rosette:

    my boys they didn't understand why I try to keep them away from outside playmates...because with other kids they will pick up all sorts of crap then I have to retrain them my way... my friend use to put her girls in summer classes to get them out of her hair...funny but I find ways to amuse my kids the cheap way that don't drive me nuts...I kill time during summer until the darn kid gets a job and be out of my hair I wont have to entertain them...funny!

  9. Rosette:

    as she get older you go find a book ...WAYS TO AMUSE A KID i use to read a book and it had things about entertaining kids during rainy day etc etc...then one day I snap HEY I DON'T NEED TO ENTERTAIN A DARN KID THEY CAN AMUSE THEMSELVES WITHOUT ME!

  10. Rosette:

    yes annoying when my husband sisters kids they were harder to entertain compare to my they run around they were in all sorts of sports yet my boys are able to handle doing simple things like sit and my boys they can play sports if they have I figure if a kid learn to amuse themselves alone I don't have to hear them say I am bored! used to drive me nuts when the cousins would say I am bored so my kids will say that and next thing I have to entertain my kids..grr...! good thing they only visited once and awhile..funny....6 more years until my son get a job and out of my now to kill time for 6 more years...argggh

  11. Rosette:

    my advice find ways to amuse her and at the same time teach her to be alone playing...if she learns to be alone she will be able to handle stress better as she gets older. I have a routine with my youngest if he is sitting too long playing with his computer I kick him to go outside for fresh air then when daddy is home they go out and about visiting this way the kid wont get too bored.

  12. Rosette:

    what would she do if you just ignore her...funny..I bet she will find another way to amuse herself..what would she say if you tell her I had enough of hide and seek!... go do something else! funny.

  13. Rosette:

    I guess for me my oldest son I give him legos and trains and t.v. he will play alone for hours I don't need to play with him he entertain himself ALONE...if he says to me wanna play hide and seek I tell him..NO don't expect me to look for you!

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