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School project

September 23rd, 2011

We are so proud to have just completed our first school project. Between my husband and me, there are 26 years of formal education, but this is our first preschool assignment.

Our sitter picks Olivia up from school and brings home little slips of paper to read; a daily report card. One paper had told parents to help their child prepare an "All About Me" collage on poster sized paper. I did not see this until I dropped her at school and noticed all the other posters.

Olivia pointed it out to me that hers was an 8 x 11" piece of paper with stick figures representing her family. I felt kind of bad, so I wanted to do it right away so she wouldn't feel left out.

It's kind of hard to go to work all day and then make time to run to the craft store after work, but luckily, I poked around the house and was able to find scraps of this and that which constituted enough for a collage. It's a good thing I've become a bit of a saver since I had a child, for this exact reason. (I am not a hoarder!)

I found poster board and extra photographs of our family, and she has lots of stickers and decorative items like glitter glue and markers. We set about making the poster.

The other posters in the classroom had ranged from hastily done to professionally printed, and from semi-child participation to what looked like no-child participation, in terms of visual markings on the paper. I'm sure all the kids had a hand in pointing out what photos they liked, what answers they wanted to give, or where to glue it. Ours looks more homemade as we had Olivia cut magazine photos out and write the words herself.

I set our poster board down and asked Olivia where she wanted to glue her photos down, and which ones. I then drew a line under it and told her to write a small title underneath, like Family or Pets. I fed her the letters one by one. There was a picture with her and her grandparents, but when I suggested she write Grandparents she balked at the length of the word.

After she put the stickers around the poster, I suggested we glue some 3D objects down. I had found a couple items in the bottom of the toy bin representing things she likes- Hello Kitty, Sesame Street. She has so many toys, she can definitely afford to lose a few to this school project. I also found a Mardi Gras bead necklace which Claus cut and glued around the border like a garland. You know, like it's our project.

Afterwards, she was proud of her artwork. She was happy to bring it to class the next day.

I know this is just the start of 12 more years of school projects... for her dad and me. Luckily we went to college for this.

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8 Responses to “School project”

  1. zzzzzz:

    Actually, it'll be more than 12 years. Don't forget kindergarten, and possibly, if she's late born, pre-K.

  2. Rosette:

    yup...wait 20 years of collecting kids junk ...I threw out my husband went through the garbage..OH MY BOYS PROJECT BABY I want to bring those in the old folks home or pass that crap to thier wife..OH DEAR...! YUP after 20 years I HOARD CRAP this time I THREW THREW THREW....20 huge black bags and ..I tell my husband 20 year old toys you never know what that thing is made of..I THREW ...omg!

  3. Rosette:

    yes I hardly clean then 20 years later IT PILE know you think you will keep things then one day OH CRAP ! I use to sort toys out but kids cry and husband brings them back..this time I GARBAGE when my husband is not around... NO MERCY NOW OR I END UP WITH CRAP ...funny!

  4. Rosette:

    as your child ages you will go through phases then one day you wake up full of junk...when you are in the phase you don't realize.

  5. Rosette:

    I don't save anymore.

  6. Rosette:

    it drove me nuts kids helping them with project half the time they get mad MOM I AM NOT DOING THAT SO i had to do it to show them it has to be done....then as they get older grade 8 I tell them mommy is too stupid for any homework so you must do it yourself...if you show them that you know how to do the work they will make you help them constantly... funny! My oldest son thought oh mommy is too stupid so I will show her I am smarter than her so one day he caught on....funny! yes I tell him mommy is stupid so you show me how to do it..DARN KID TOO SMART FOR my oldest son is helping his younger brother with MATH.

  7. Rosette:

    I use to argue with my husband everytime my oldest comes home with homework he help I yell at him do not help him as he get older he will rely on husband figured I was a bad mother for not helping..I be yelling do no ask mommy mommy is too stupid so go go to your room!..figure it out ALONE...funny... but as it turned out my son finish his work on his own and did wel...I wait until grade 8 and I toss them on thier own......see if you help too much the kid will take advantage.

  8. Rosette:

    good thing my plan didn't back fire..imagine if my oldest son go to his room and wont do his work and don't graduate...I be stuck with a kid with no job..! I use to tell him your life your life if you don't graduate you will be stuck with the younger crowd..oh that push him to study hard.

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