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Head cold

September 30th, 2011

My kid gave us another head cold. She got it in early-mid August and it was mild but persistent. It lasted her about three weeks.

Of course, it went around the entire family. My dad and I are the last to get it. We have seen this play out and we know it lasts a while.

I have a trip coming up so I went to the doctor, who told me there is nothing that can be done for a virus. She gave me some medications to treat the symptoms.

The symptoms are: body aches and fever in the first week, then a hacking cough that lingers for another one-11 weeks. I just couldn't believe when she said some of her patients have had it for three months. She said she's been getting a lot of patients lately with this virus.

So it's been three weeks and I'm at the bad cough/ runny nose stage, and while it's not debilitating, it makes me tired sooner.

Meantime, I've been kicked out of not one but two beds. Claus said he can't sleep because I have wheezy or honking coughing fits a few times a night. (It was more, until I got the codiene cough syrup.)

I went into Olivia's bed the first night but she complained of the same the next morning.

So I'm relegated to the guest bed, which is in a very tiny room under the dog's porch, and due to my lack of construction experience, I forgot to add insulation when I had that room built. I hear every movement and nail scratch Inca makes.

I'm doing Neti pot twice a day, vitamins, about 20 cups of tea a day, and lots of sleep. My question is, anyone had this and do you have tips to get over it sooner?

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8 Responses to “Head cold”

  1. Paco:

    Our family went through that also. Our doctor just said to do what you are doing....lots of rest, lots of liquids and just ride it out.

  2. Titus:

    Rest when you can. Water. Tea. Orange juice. Lemonade. Ginger ale with lemon. Scotch whiskey mixed with water. Plain chicken broth. (I add fresh ground peppercorn to mine.) If you're congested, spicy food will help loosen things up. Cough drops. Gargling with something strong, such as original formula Listerine. If it had just started, apple cider vinegar with honey is supposed to be good.

  3. Ken Conklin:

    "I'm doing Neti pot twice a day."

    Neti pot? Thinking it might be some kind of exotic pakalolo I had never heard of, or maybe just pakalolo given to you by your friend Neti, I looked it up on google. I'm afraid it's not my cup of tea. But in honor of Rosh Hashanah, I'll recommend what a friend who is Jewish tells me cures everything -- Jewish penicillin (also known as chicken soup).

  4. hawaiiobsessed:

    There is a product called Kold Kare that works amazingly well. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. M:

    Hello Diane, don't you just hate it when you can't get rid of a cold that last forever and in this day and age there's still no cure for a cold. I just started to get hives every morning and evening. I think our cat is the cause but we just can't get rid of a family member.

  6. zzzzzz:

    Besides lots of sleep, vitamin C, liquids, and chicken soup, I suggest you take a lot of drugs to prevent the cold from spreading down to your lungs. I've found that when I'm able to do that, the duration of the cold, and especially of the hacking cough that continues after I otherwise feel fine, are reduced tremendously.

    The old NyQuil formulation was great for allowing me a good nights' sleep when I got a cold, suppressing the coughing fits that would wake me. The new one isn't as good, but is still a big help.

  7. kuunakanaka:

    aloha Diane:

    i had it. all i could do was survive it. it went away just about a month. i asked my physician 4 a cough syrup. i'm no longer coughing.
    my house has the same rule for the master-bedroom b'cuz the one coughing has 2 leave. but we don't have another bedroom and end up on a futon in the family room or living room.

  8. Manoa Mist:

    Zinc up. Zicam works. (There's a cheaper equivalent in Longs.) And Cold Eez tablets as well - contains lots of zinc.

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