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Nail biting
October 28th, 2011

I was painting Olivia's (and my) nails. "Remind me not to paint this thumb," I asked her, wiggling her left thumb. It's the sucking thumb. Only the left. The right just will not do.

"Because I might suck the paint off?" she asked.

"Because you have sucked the paint off in the past. You don't need to eat nail polish. I've fed you enough," I confirmed.

"This is the thumb I suck when I'm tired, and this is the thumb nail I bite when I miss you," she declared.

I stopped. I've never heard that before."Do you bite it a lot?" I questioned.

"I bite it just like this," she demonstrated.

"But do you bite it a lot?" I repeated. It doesn't look all haggard so I think it's under control.

"Yes, always, and only sometimes," she replied, in the logic of a preschooler. "When I'm in school, and then I bite it like this."

"Aww, Hon," I said. "I miss you too, every day when I'm at work." I gave her a hug and a kiss.

Except I don't bite my nail, I just breathe air. Always, and only sometimes.

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2 Responses to “Nail biting”

  1. Rosette:

    oh dear thumb sucker and nail oldest son was a thumb sucker! THE WORST ..picture this age 12 I sneak crawl around on my knees into his room pull his thumb out of his mouth then I told him if you suck that thumb your finger will fall off...I will have to call the police if you keep that up....I woke him up from his deep sleep..the kid scared to death and never again suck his thumb...funny! IMAGINE took me 12 years to finally get him out of his nonesense!

  2. Rosette:

    oh I was a thumb sucker too..I LOVE MY THUMB so I let my oldest son suck his thumb but age 12 enough...funny!

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