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Cleaning the room

January 20th, 2012

One mellow Sunday afternoon, while Olivia was playing at the neighbor's house, Claus and I decided to take a nap. All of the house was locked up except the front door, so Olivia could come home at will.

We did not want to be interrupted, and the neighborhood kids, when running around in a pack, have a habit of walking into the house and into whatever room they want, particularly if they're looking to ask me a question. I locked the bedroom door.

No sooner did we drift off to sleep than did I hear someone trying to turn the knob. I'm sure Olivia was confounded because we never lock the door. After unsuccessfully ignoring it, I had to answer to, "Hey, open up!"

"Yes?" I called from the bed.

"Let me in," came Olivia's voice. I heard small friends with her.

"Why?" I asked.

"I have to ask you a question," she answered.

"Ask from there."

"Can we visit (the other neighbor) Vicki's house?" she queried.

"Sure," I said. The footsteps ran off.

I couldn't go back to sleep so I got out of bed shortly thereafter and went over to Vicki's, too. That is where I found Olivia and Kira, eating snacks and looking at the TV.

The first question lobbed at me: "Why did you lock the door?"

I'm not sure why, but I lied. "Beeeeecause... I was cleaning the room."

"Why were you cleaning the room with the door locked?" my kid continued.

"Why do you have to know everything?" I parried.

"I can help you clean!" she offered.

"Oh, yeah. I've heard that one before." I really have, you know. A four year old's idea of "cleaning" is sitting and examining their toy in great detail before putting it away- in other words, playing with it. So yeah, no thanks.

This little episode has given us a new definition of "cleaning the room." Whenever Claus wants to get out of a Sunday chore he tells me he needs to "clean the room" so he can't do whatever else it is I'm asking. And then I catch him taking a nap in bed. I guess I can only blame myself for this one.

6 Responses to “Cleaning the room”

  1. kuunakanaka:

    aloha Diane:

    when time permits i'd like 2 "clean the room" 2. but usually my wife "cleans the room" w/ our 3YO and sometimes 7YO, while i prepare dinner and/or clean the house. but if can, i normally "clean the room" w/ the door opened wide. that way my 7 YO, when not napping, can bother me instead of her mom and sibling. usually all i need is an hour 2 "clean the room," but have taken 2 to 3 hours when my body and mind needed it.

  2. M:

    Hello Diane, "Claus and I decided to take a nap", with the bedroom door locked. right... 🙂

  3. Rosette:

    that is why I always warn my boys right away..." MOMMY IS NAPPING GO GET LOST DON'T PESTER ME" need to lock the door bedroom door..I shut the door but I don't lock boys don't mess with me...funny! My boys they don't barge in...they know I have boundary...if they go to neighbor's to play they have key ..I lock my front and back door..they come and go as they please...I don't encourange other kids to play at my house..SHOO SHOO go the park...funny!I TELL THEM IF YOU ARE DESPERATE FOR PLAYMATES THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM ..shoo shoo..that is why we have park.!

  4. Rosette:

    with my first son I had kids come to our house..scond kid come around I TURNED INTO SHOoooo shooo..get lost all of you!

  5. Rosette:

    yes with my first son I turned into free babysitter for other people's son always says to me mom it is not my fault I am second second son he cannot get away with mom if I have girlfriend someday you wont let her in the house..YUP>>I TELL HIM GO TO THE MALL WITH cracked up.

  6. Diane Ako:


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