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Lost & Found

August 17th, 2012

I'm usually a fairly together person, but things kind of changed for me after I had a child. There's just... more, all around. More love and life, for sure. But more to manage and clean, as well.

I recently re-discovered something that I misplaced. Two years ago!!!

I had gone to the Food & New Products Show at the Neal Blaisdell in 2010. I remember buying jewelery that I liked so much, I put it on right after buying it. I also bought a dozen soaps and Hawaiian salts.

When I got home, I put the bag down and I eventually forgot about it. I have no idea how or why, but it ended up in my daughter's closet for a really long time.

I do remember thinking for a little while, Where the heck are those salts that I was going to give away for Christmas? And those soaps? But you know, the avalanche of life keeps rolling forward so I stopped thinking about it after the holiday season.

I only shop with canvas bags, to be environmentally friendly. The tote bag was black, and it looks like a storage bag full of ski accessories. Some adult in my house (could be me, I can't remember) put it away in the kid's closet where there was, apparently, some space.

I have looked at this bag for over a year and not considered looking inside because I thought I knew the contents. Only recently I was moving things around in the house; sometimes I get into a "spring cleaning" mood where I want to throw away stuff. (Unlike many of my maternal relatives, I will never be a Hoarders show candidate. I like to discard.)

Imagine my surprise and amusement when I opened the bag and found the missing salt and soap! Mystery solved! Don't I feel like a dope for misplacing it that long!

I've reinstated the tote into my arsenal of grocery bags. I like using it now. It absorbed the soap scent and smells great.

I am usually quite together; I still shake my head at the idea of losing something for two years - right under my nose. Have you had this experience?

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Symbolic tree removal and planting ceremony by three Makiki nonprofits

August 15th, 2012

Representatives of three Makiki non-profit organizations have formed a symbolic partnership to remove a 30-foot shower tree in front of the historic Hawaii Women's Foundation informally known as “Laulima Women's House.” In its place they planted a new shade tree today, to symbolize their growing future together. The ceremony took place in front of the Laulima Women’s House located at 1802 Keeamoku Street.

The beautiful shower tree has provided shade over the Laulima Women’s House for many decades and even caught the attention of Walt Disney Pictures, who is releasing the new movie The Odd Life of Timothy Green and participating in the planting ceremony on the movie’s opening day.  The Odd Life of Timothy Green is an inspiring, magical story about helping a young life grow.

“We are saddened that this beautiful tree has been irreparably damaged by termites and must be removed,” said Jennifer Dotson, President of the Junior League of Honolulu – just one of the organizations that calls this house their home.

According to Dotson, "The cost of the tree removal alone was estimated at $5,000." Dotson added that the removal and a tree replanting has been made possible by the monetary assistance of the Hawaii Women’s Foundation as well as outstanding community members donating equipment and services.

“When our community members and the local Disney representatives found out about our situation they all came together to protect the Laulima Women’s House and the nonprofits that call it home,” added Dotson.

The gracious white home at the corner of Dominis and Keeaumoku Streets is headquarters for the Hawaii Women's Foundation, which makes the site available to a variety of community groups, including the Junior League of Honolulu. The organizations involved in the symbolic partnership include:

Junior League Of Honolulu
American Association of University Women (AAUW) Honolulu Branch
Hawaii Women's Foundation

“The symbolic partnership honors the shared vision to support the community as well as the shared location where a new tree will grow and flourish," said Dotson.

The Junior League of Honolulu has served Honolulu's community for 89 years, and is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.

Poultry farmer?

August 13th, 2012

If you are an urban gardener, I would like your take on this: How hard are Japanese quails to raise as pets? I've seen some on Craigslist and  - as my regular readers have discerned by now - I'm an animal lover.

I was having dinner with a friend and former colleague, Stacy Loe. I told her I wanted to get quail. "For dinner?" she asked. Perfectly reasonable logic, but she realized the miscommunication when I responded with my mouth agape. We had a laugh.

I would like to buy two, maybe three to raise as pets and to have for eggs. I don't have a lot of space in or outside, but I read that they don't need a lot of space. Are they high maintenance?

I joke with Claus that if I get tired of them we could eat them. It's actually not a joke, it's a selling point in many of the websites that sell or discuss quail farming!

My friend and her family bought five chicks that they would like to raise for the same purpose. My friends have a slightly larger house (inside and out!) and could easily put a roost in their yard for the chickens.

I went over to look at the chicks. Oh, man, they're cute. I'm tempted again to buy the quail. Who has any experience with them?

Trading up

August 10th, 2012

I have been researching Cotournix quails and would like to get a pair. I'm not totally sure I have the energy for them, but they're so dang cute, and I do love animals.

I was mentioning this to my friend Paul, telling him how Claus has been on a 'yes' streak with me lately. (See: The Treatment)

In previous conversations, Paul and I have discussed Claus' obstinance on having a second child. He is a firm no and totally not moveable on this. I tried for years and gave up. He gives in to me 99% of the time but on the 1% of the time when he's made up his mind, he is set.

"Goats, birds, shrimp, bunnies, guinea pigs - I'm telling you, you have to think of it like Fun Factory," he said. "You get all the little prizes, then save that up and trade it in for a bigger prize. Tell him you're exchanging all the farm animals for a baby."

bunny goat quail =



Um. I'll let you know if that strategy works.


August 6th, 2012

I hate clutter. Hate, hate hate.

I like discarding and organizing. Editing, as it were. Words or stuff.

My house has never been more cluttered than after I had a child. It's partially that we have a third person who needs and generates possessions. It's also that my kid likes to collect stuff and we are often too tired to do a deep clean.

I have been thinking about this blog topic for, seriously, two years. Whenever I go to my garage to use the laundry machines, I often have to move all kinds of crap out of the way to get to one machine and then the other. If I have to get to the sink to hand wash, forget about it.

The collection is everyone's: Claus' bike gear, Olivia's scooter and stroller, our shoes, and lately, items intended for our dojo- taking up space in my garage.

For a couple weeks I was prepping for a kids' pool party and there were about 10 noodles, inflated rafts, and inflated rings piled in random spots waiting to be given away at this party. This, in a space that's like 10x4'. There's a small, narrow path one navigates to get around to the washer/dryer, and once there, one has to move items around based on what area one needs to get to.

My friend Noriko said she lives in such a small residence, she was very militant about discarding her daughter's unused toys. I have to admire that.

I discard things about twice a year but it seems like it regenerates automatically! I can't keep up.

I try to view it as the hallmark of a family with a young child, and that one day I'll miss seeing all the kid toys. I don't know... any suggestions on how to manage the STUFF?

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