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Fighting fish
September 19th, 2012

My dad gave us a new fighting fish to replace the one that died. It's a pretty red double tail, and he's super feisty. Let's just call him Rainbow, because that's what name Olivia likes for this week.

We were admiring him swimming around the bowl when I noticed that he, more than any of the other fighting fish I've had, truly lives up to his name. He would track my movements and lunge at the side of the glass at me. If my finger was a fish, it'd be in big trouble.

"Hey, look! This guy really wants to fight with me!" I laughed.

Claus leaned over the bowl and wagged his finger at Rainbow. "Can I give you some advice, Mister? Don't do it. Just don't do it."

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2 Responses to “Fighting fish”

  1. kuunakanaka:

    aloha Diane:

    Claus gave good advice. i hope the fish listens otherwise it's bring the wasabi and shoyu.

  2. Diane Ako:

    kuunakanaka, I think Claus was speaking from experience...!

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