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Christmas shopping

December 19th, 2012

I'm finally of the stage of parenting where I have to buy specific gifts for children. My daughter's five; old enough to have her brain finally penetrated by toy company marketers.

For Christmas, I found myself in the aisles of Target. (I've also never been to Target in Hawaii!) I was standing there with all the other hapless parents looking for something that our little darlings explicitly asked for.

Previous years were easier as Olivia was younger and didn't care as much about the brand or the exact model. This year, she said she liked Princess Celestia from My Little Pony. My good friend and houseguest Mari Fran brought it out when she came last month, but the pony was pink, and Olivia was slightly disappointed. That was a shock to me that she could be picky about a toy pony.

Courtesy: Hasbro

Courtesy: Hasbro

Olivia claims the true Princess Celestia is white, or at least, turns pink and white in the cartoons. White is her preferred color choice.

Mari Fran had also said finding Princess Celestia at her Texas toy store was difficult, so I can't say I wasn't forewarned about this kind of experience. Now it was me standing in the aisle in Salt Lake and unable to find help in the store, and scanning the aisles feeling lost.

I had gone in thinking it would be a quick in-n-out trip, but early on I realized I was wrong. I struck up a conversation with another mother in the same predicament. We laughed about it and told each other what we were looking for.

"My Little Pony: That's two aisles over near the Legos," she directed. Helpful!

I went over and saw rows and rows of colored ponies. Like Mari Fran discovered, Princess Celestia was only in pink. The only white unicorn, winged horse was Rarity, so I took a chance and bought that. I should mention that Olivia is wrong sometimes about names and such. Like, for a long time she thought the name was Princess Alestia, and argued with me when I tried to correct her.

Also, she coveted our neighbor's Fashion Barbie and requested that, too. When I tried to clarify which fashionable Barbie it is, she insisted there was only one. Now in Target, I find half a dozen. Accuracy: not a strong point yet.

I bought Rarity, and for good measure, I bought three more colors of ponies in the interest of recreating the kingom of Equestria. I'll give that to her on behalf of her grandparents and Santa.

In reviewing this little jaunt, I had no idea a buying trip for children is more like a scavenger hunt. I like shopping enough that I expected it would be fun to look around. It took so long and it was not really enjoyable.

Do you have stories about buying gifts for your kids?

6 Responses to “Christmas shopping”

  1. Rodney Lee:

    I remember waiting until our girls went to bed, then sneaking out of the house to hit Toys R Us at an ungodly hour to buy their presents. Then hiding them in the trunk of my car until they're wrapped.

  2. De:

    Next time try on-line. When my kids were younger, I would search on-line so at least I knew what it looked like. Plus, most time it is cheaper on-line and you can find free shipping deals. Start with Amazon. Happy holidays!

  3. Rodney Lee:

    Here ya go, Di:

  4. Rosette:

    yes well..I got fed up my youngest wanting the moon so finally I told him hello there is no S-----..I think he figured ti out there si no S----- but I really give it to him CHRISTMAS DAY ! I told him get over it NO S-----
    my husband had to go all over town looking for BLACK FURBIE but came home with white the darn kid DISAPPPOINTED NO BLACK FURBIE ..he played with the furbie for two minutes then he wanted something else....if you don't stop now your daughter will ask for the moon...funny! I warned my husband stop spoiling the kids....!My youngest is 14 now lucky he said to me my I don't really want present this years since he get all sort fo stuff...he just wanted clothes....BUT I ALREADY bought slowly I am weaning my son about material things. Now I have to shop for my brother's kids...just when I thought I am doen shopping I HAVE NIECES and NEPHEWS..funny...oh I send my husband to shop..if I have my way I just give money and let my brothers buy junk!

  5. Rosette:

    next you be selling garage sale...yes mountain of toys by the time she is 18...

  6. Rosette:

    yes what I use to do during the toy commercial I switch the T.V. darn kids crying wanting toys...OMG

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