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The extra car
January 14th, 2013

My in laws are here for six weeks, as guests in our house. Claus likes to take care of his parents, so he always figures out how to get them car to use.

This time, we can rent an acquaintance's car during a period where it's not being used. The good: she's cutting us a deal. The less good: the car is only available for four of their six week visit.

He then realized he had an extra car at the office that wasn't being used at the moment. He told his mother about it.

The look on her face! "By car, do you mean hearse?" she asked with saucer eyes. (I only get this via translation from Claus, later. I understand some Danish but not most.)

He laughed and laughed. It is not. It's a regular old consumer station wagon. Though... a station wagon could technically fit a body lying down...

3 Responses to “The extra car”

  1. zzzzzz:

    Makes me think of the TV show from small kid time, with Bobby Sherman. His car was a hearse.

  2. Kickerbear:

    On six feet under the youngest daughter used to use the hearse for a ride.

  3. M:


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