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Car bananas

February 11th, 2013

This is another blog about how parenting makes people forgetful and scattered. For a week, I've been smelling a delicious banana odor when I get in my car. Without fail, I always think, "What a nice smell. I wonder why it smells like bananas in here?" The smell fades after a minute, and I forget about it.

I remind myself of how dogs are portrayed in cartoons, with a super short attention span. Look, a bird! Oh, I'm distracted now! What banana?

Last night, Claus got into my car because we were using my car to go somewhere. "What's that banana smell?" he asked. He said out loud what I've thought to myself for a week. In one car ride, we've now spent more energy on the banana than I have in seven days.

"I don't know! I don't see bananas in here! Isn't it curious?" I exclaimed. Then forgot about the bananas because we arrived at dinner, and there were better smells to be had in the restaurant.

After dinner, when we got home, Claus went into the trunk. I was there too, to retrieve the bag of leftovers. He stuck his hand in my big bag of canvas shopping bags. "Aha!" he pronounced, and handed me one of the bags.

I was -surprise! - distracted because I was trying to get Olivia out of the car and hustle her into the bed because it was past bedtime. He's dangling a small canvas bag at me. "What? What is this?" I said absentmindedly.

He thrusted the bag at me. I finally took it. OH! There's bananas inside!

Man, I knew I bought bananas at Foodland the other week and wondered where they went after I didn't see them in the kitchen. Also, I'm glad he found them, because in another week it would have been quite unpleasant.

Isn't this a scary little glimpse into the mind of a distracted mom?? Please, someone tell me you've done this too so I know I'm not crazy. Or alone in being crazy.

7 Responses to “Car bananas”

  1. Ken Conklin:

    "... Claus went into the trunk." Wow! What if he had been forgotten in there? After a week, I wonder if he would have smelled more pungently than the banana?

  2. M:

    Hahahaha, it's called getting old..... 😆

  3. lowtone123:

    At least you didn't leave the eggs in the trunk.

  4. greenthumb:

    Totally. Been there, done that, forgot 'em for longer -- and the result was super gross, thankfully mostly contained by the cardboard box they were in. Claus deserves a huge thank you.

  5. kuunakanaka:

    aloha Diane:

    we, parents, all do it. bananas are nice. try lavenders in the truck the next time.

  6. Kage:

    I was thinking the same as lowtone123, good thing it was only bananas.

  7. MummyCarole:

    I once bought a bunch of hard, green bananas, placed in a plastic bag, which I left on the passenger front seat. I parked my car at work, windows rolled up tight, with the reflector shade on the front windshield. Nine hours later, I returned to my car and found the whole bunch of bananas COMPLETELY RIPE! Not a good thing, because I had 5 ripe bananas at home, and was counting on slowly ripening the green ones. Good thing I was too lazy to put them in my trunk - might have forgotten about them, too.

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