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Hideous "t"
March 27th, 2013

Kids say such funny things. I was doing homework with Olivia. It was a daily journal entry. She only has to write three sentences about her day.

She was complaining, not wanting to do it. I was trying to encourage. "I love writing!" I enthused.

"Then you write this," she suggested. Uh, no. Good try.

You forget that writing three little sentences takes ten minutes when a person is five. I have to sit there and remind her to "finger space" between every word, capitalize this or lower case that, the bump on the d goes left, write the letters nicely, period goes there, and most importantly, how to spell just about everything.

This journal had a lot of  words with "t" in it, for some reason. She crosses the t at the top - nearly capitalizing what is supposed to be a lower case letter. I kept reminding her, Lower case t. Small t. Erase that. Make it pretty. Do it nicely.

Frustrated, she finally exclaimed, "It looks hideous that way!" Girls. Such drama.

"I can think of a lot more hideous things than a small t," I responded.

"I want you to call it Hideous t!" she requested emphatically.

So I did. There on out, it became Hideous t. It went thusly: "Finger space. What word is next? Test. OK. Hideous t - e - s - hideous t. Write it nicely. Erase that. Do it again. Finger space. Next word?" And so on and so forth.

Claus was not really paying attention but nearby. At some point after maybe ten hideous t's, he finally looked up and asked what the heck we were spelling.

Hey, as long as she writes it correctly, it can be hideous t, horrific t, horrid t, or whatever else gets her to remember!

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  1. Ed Oshiro: may have a new learning system here.

  2. kuunakanaka:

    aloha Diane:

    i liked ur response, "uh, no. Good try."

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