Small Talk
One day...
April 8th, 2013

"Mommy, can we go to a water park?" Olivia asked.

"One day," I answered.

Her BFF Meya was with us and I overheard translation: "That means never," she told Olivia.

"That means someday," Olivia countered.

Claus and I laughed. It does mean someday. But I'm not committing to which day. As Claus pointed out, "They're onto us."

5 Responses to “One day...”

  1. kuunakanaka:

    aloha Diane:

    w/ Meya "one day" means never. w/ Olivia "one day" means someday. u kept ur "one day" promises, so, Olivia knows its meaning.

  2. Ken Conklin:

    I guess "one day" is to the future as "once upon a time" is to the past. It's a fairy tale. Mythological. We can dream of it as though it's real, even though we know it almost certainly is unreal. Is the glass half full or half empty?

  3. galekaminari:

    Very sweet! Olivia is a child with hope, and faith in your good intentions. You did well raising her! Congratulations to all of you!

  4. DIO:

    "That means never" ­čść Obviously, someone's been burned already.

  5. Diane Ako:

    DIO - Aww, yeah. Poor Meya. I totally didn't mean to judge her parents but I can see that I didn't think that one through in my telling of the anecdote.

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