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April 22nd, 2013

We have a fence around the yard, but it's falling apart. There's a section that's gerryrigged together while we wait for time and availability to synchronize: a handyman to become available + the energy for ourselves to manage it.

Inca is a very good dog. She loves us. She knows where home is and doesn't run away. She does, however, like to explore when bored.

With this broken fence problem escalating over the past three months, there's been days where she keeps escaping and we puzzle over where the break is this time.

This weekend, there was another episode. The neighbor and I looked at the fence and couldn't easily see it. When Claus came home, we did a little experiment.

I walked up the street where we knew she'd want to follow. He waited by the side. Minutes passed. Finally, she tried to run after me.

Apparently, there's a little space that she squeezes herself between to get free. Claus said he hear a clink-clank-clink, then saw Inca coming out of the yard.

He said her paws were tick-tacking full speed on the concrete stairs that lead out of our yard, but stopped abruptly when she saw him standing there. Then she proceeded at normal walking speed.

She totally knew she was busted. Dogs! So smart!

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  1. galekaminari:

    Hi, Diane! Yes, dogs are super smart! One of our dogs used to dismantle the fencing in order to get out. First he used to climb over the chain link fencing--6 feet high. Then, when we stopped that somehow, he took to rolling it up so there was a gap at the bottom that he could slide under. Finally, when my dad installed lumber at the bottom to keep the dog from rolling the fencing up like a window shade, the dog tunneled under the fence. I forget now what finally stopped the break-outs, but the family was cracking up to see who was going to win, the dog or my dad. I think that the dog probably stopped breaking out, out of pity. LOL.

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