Smart mommy

May 24th, 2013

Olivia insisted on wearing snow boots to school today. Claus bought them for her when he took them skiing last December. They look like Uggs - fleece lined, and way too hot for May in Hawaii.

She loves them. As soon as they got back from Utah last December, she wore them a handful of times to school, each time coming home telling me they were too hot by day's end. I had warned of such, but she always ignored.

I do not know why she can't remember this experience, or care when I remind her of it, but she's been trying all week to wear them again. Finally, I gave in.

"Have it your way. When I see you after school, don't complain how hot they were," I warned. "You should really just listen to me. I'm smart."

To test me, she actually quizzed me! Her exact response to me was, "What's 100 + 100?"

"Two hundred," I said.

"What's one million + one million?"

"Two million," I answered.

"What's one million + 200?" she continued.

"One million two hundred," I responded.

"Wrong! Twenty hundred one million!" she exclaimed gleefully.

I suppose I can't argue with that.

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