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Kinder crushes

June 12th, 2013

Olivia's closest friends are the ones she made, surprisingly, in preschool. One of the preschool girls, Meya, attends the same grade school as Olivia.

Another girl, Amanda, went to a different school, but as a family, we still keep in touch with them. Those two girls are the people with whom we have the most frequent playdates.

The entire kindergarten year has come and gone and I'm a little baffled that we only made one new friend outside the classroom. It is a very new friendship in that we've only had one date.

Last weekend, we were at the pool with Meya and her mom, Ashley. The girls started hanging out in the water with a boy, and developed a mini-crush on him for the day.

They even started fighting over him. "He's mine!" "No, he's mine!" Ashley and I turned our heads and looked at each other with a huge expression of shock. Already?!?

This began a comparison of how our girls have had crushes on boys for the past two years. "Meya's liked this boy Matthew forever," Ashley said.

I have heard this name many times. "Matthew P? From the preschool?" I asked in amazement. Matthew, Meya, and Olivia attend the same grade school. Olivia's had a crush on him for the last two years, too!

I would say it's amazing that the girls have been interested in boys since they were three years old, but I know Olivia's been interested in boys since she could express it.

When she was two, my friend Tai lived with us for a while, and she would call this 23 year old man her boyfriend and say she loved him. She still remembers him, but she's moved on to new boys.

If this is my daughter at age five, I'm really scared of what the next decades hold!

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