Small Talk
Sweet potato harvest
June 26th, 2013

I'm a farmer! OK, I exaggerate. On that, and on the "harvest" in the headline.


But I am excited to tell you that I bought a sweet potato plant at Lyon Arboretum in December, stuck it in a big pot in the yard, and let the lush Hawaiian weather grow that baby for the last half year.


I could see the tuber sticking up out of the dirt for a while and finally, a little nervously, decided to dig it up this weekend. I had researched it online about how and when to harvest but was still nervous about messing it up. Lo and behold, it worked.


It was so easy. I pulled the dirt back with my fingers, encircled the potato with my hand, and firmly twisted it off the stem. Da buggah, she ready fo' go.

While poking around, I saw a second tuber developing. It was tiny, so I'll give that another few months and see if it's ready. I covered it back up.

I now have a respectable sized sweet potato on the counter waiting to be eaten. I am SO excited.

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