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Hot pants
August 2nd, 2013

Another ridiculous conversation in the life of Diane:

I'm in the home office. Claus is in our bedroom. "Awww!" I hear him exclaim.

I yell from my room, "What happened?" but I get no answer. I leave it alone.

Shortly thereafter, I wander into the bedroom. There are chili peppers scattered on the bed.

We had picked these peppers off my mom's 4' tall bush earlier in the day. Claus put his peppers in his pocket. I had put mine in a bag.

He forgot to take his peppers out and was walking around all morning with chilis in his pocket.

Now, he had removed the shorts and tried to put them on a high shelf, when they all fell out in the walk-in closet.


Claus pointed at the ones on the bed. "I salvaged these, but I heard them dropping everywhere, so you may encounter random peppers in the closet," he warned me.

I laughed. "OK , thanks, Hot Pants."

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  1. DIO:

    I heard of spicing things up in the bedroom, but I don't think this is what they meant. 😆

  2. Diane Ako:


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