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Dance recital

December 6th, 2013

Olivia is in jazz. She has a pretty spotty history of sticking with anything, and historically she has started to get tired of activities right around the three month mark.

We have tried gymnastics, swim team, hula, ballet, and now this. Previously, I've excused her short attention span as a function of age, and let it go.

Now, however, she is six, therefore aware enough to be able to strike deals with us, and old enough to have a longer attention span.

We only started this in October, so I'm still holding my breath that she won't get tired of it soon. However, so far, so good.

She has not complained about it yet, and has even had her first dance recital. Yes, though she was a late starter, she was included in the recital program, and had to try to keep up with the class.

Firstly, she is no child prodigy. She is across the board a normal, average kid on all counts. I do think she's a smart kid, but even at that, she's not some Adragon, child genius.

Secondly, she is not naturally outgoing. I see some of the children who smile brightly and shine on stage. She is not that person. She seems to shrink from too much attention, and will not perform well because she's so self-conscious.

Still, she is telling me she "loves" dance class so we'll go with that happily.

Every week, we take her to dance class and watch the routine. I video it. Once, I worked with her at home on a few steps, but I am no dancer myself.

The day of the recital, we arrived five hours early as requested for more rehearsals, took a break, then came back for costuming and slight makeup. Wow, am I ever on the mommy-track now. My entire Saturday day, consumed by Olivia's activity.

Dozens of people showed up for the show. The ratio of recording devices to bodies was 1:2. Claus and I both recorded the show when her segment came on.

She did better than we expected, maybe because the reality of it sank in and inspired her to want to do better. Maybe it's the pretty dress and lipstick that made it more exciting. She said she had fun, and that's all that matters.

We liked it too, and then all the families shared a potluck lunch. It was really nice.

Might I have a budding dancer? Maybe, and that's a fun thought. I would just like her to find a hobby she can develop a passion for, that will give her happiness for life.

If she starts complaining about this, what do I do? Do I force her to stick through a certain short period of time (like the rest of the semester's paid lessons), or do I insist she go for a full year to give it a fair chance?

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  1. kalela:

    My daughter danced (polynesian dance) since kindergarten and by the middle of 5th grade, she was putting up a good fight just to go to practice. We insisted that she honor the commitment she made by finishing out the year. She took a break for one year and ended up missing it so much. She is now a sophomore and has continued to dance (without complaint) since picking it back up in the 7th grade. Our boys were the same way with their sports--we just had them honor their commitment for the duration of time that we signed up for (whether it be a year or a three month season). Towards the end of their commitment time, we'd sit down with them & evaluate whether they wanted to continue or take a break. That gave us enough time to talk to the coaches, instructors etc.


    Hi Have her stay at least 6 months. If she loves to dance she will love drill. If she does not, she will be nothing than better for the experience. Who could take class with Olivia Astrero and not get better or begin to acquire a love for dance .. and life. Thanks for trying our program. We hope it works for little Olivia. If it does not, she will find her passion. You are a good mom to let her have so many experiences. Someday she will appreciate that as well... especially when she becomes the mom.
    Thanks for your comments

  3. Makahawahine:

    Tried hula at 6 and didn't last. Forced to go to girl scouts at 8 by my mom and ended up loving everything about it. Thanks Mom! Scouting values will last you a life time.

  4. Rosette:

    well I have two husband wanted them to join sports etc etc...well I am the type that I will wait until the kid can drive his own butt to all sorts of activites age 16 at least....well I tell my boys they will be tied down if they pick certain sports and don't look at me to drive them around...etc etc...well I was such a bad guy so my oldest son joined hockey he was accepted age 16 he tried.. but he quit the second day and told me not to tell daddy since daddy spent so much on gears so I covered for him ...I old my husband NO HE DIDN'T MAKE THE my second child is doing the same thing joining hockey ..he seems to be enjoying it youngest is more sociable and he pick certain sport that he can handle and the team that he joined is not overly competitive..anyway I told my son before to pick basketball since it is indoors and I wont freeze to death if I was to watch him....I warned him before if he wanted to join sports he must be fit he has to practice.. well he didn't practice the basketball he didn't make the try out but he really wanted to will try many things but at the end of the day they will eventually get a job and if they are good in sports they can make money etc etc.... anyway my youngest is harder to manage so antsy he moves constantly..... now my youngest is into snow boarding..the gear expensive so I tell my husband hey you always said sports is good for kids so GO BUY HIM the gear funny...well the kid is out of my hair at least my son has friends he hang with...what is worst the kids my son hangs with has expensive gears so my youngest son insist to having the expensive gear to fit in with his friends his father will buy him the cheapest things SO I make sure I shop along my son will have a fit in the store..yes kids...funny...! Yes just wait until your daughter will compete what outfit she wears ..your bank will be empty ..etc youngest I tell him he has to go to work if he joins sports so he can buy the gears himself...anyway how can he play if he works funny! Lucky my husband enjoys watching our son play and his father is still waiting to see our son SCORE for the first time...yes my husband my brother and my parents still waiting for that FIRST GOAL.

    My oldest is more relax like me we prefer to just sit watch t.v...

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