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Cleaned room
December 18th, 2013

Olivia is not the neatest kid. She usually leaves a small trail of toys behind her, and it's anyone's guess if she will make her bed in the morning. I'm always nagging her to clean up.


To my complete surprise, she decided to clean her desk! She proudly called me down one Saturday, late in the afternoon. "Look at my desk, Mommy!"

It looked BEAUTIFUL. It looked better than my desk. I praised her to the hilt.

She had been playing in her room with her neighborhood BFF Kira, and somehow, the two of them thought it would be fun to tidy up. Whatever! I'll take it!

Next morning, I went in to wake her up and... then I saw how she cleaned up. Everything was piled up three feet high in a space against the wall. Just jammed in there with no rhyme or reason.


Oh my gosh!

I gently said, "Do you think you want to clean up this pile next?"

"Nope!" she cheerfully stated, and then skipped out of the room.

Oh. OK. Maybe I should just take my victories where I can find them.

2 Responses to “Cleaned room”

  1. Nanea:

    Please send Olivia to me. I pay in cookies and Netflix cartoon marathons.

  2. Mel:

    Just like Jaycie! As long as I can see the floor, I'm glad she tries:)

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