Bird poop and other non-events in the life of a mother

January 1st, 2014

I was outside of my house and trying to have a serious conversation with a friend who had just dropped by. He was short on time so we had just a few minutes, so I was concentrating on what I had to say.

I accidentally put my hand on the porch railing without seeing there was fresh bird poop. Something felt wet and too slimy to be rain water.

I looked down and saw it was a dainty offering. For one second I grossed out, then I wiped it on a leaf and kept talking. I didn't miss a beat with talking.

When my friend left I actually stood there in the yard and picked up a few weeds and litter before going to wash my hand. I did not rush to the sink for soap and water first thing.

Then it occurred to me: that is SUCH a mommy-move. Working-mother-always-pressed-for-time move. All my actions were based on economy of motion rather than girly-girl prissy factor, which definitely would have been present at a different time in my life.

What was the moment you realized or reaffirmed your transition to parenthood was complete?

May your new year be full of fun and funny realizations.

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  1. Kage:

    Happy New Year Diane.


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