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Cat hairs

March 21st, 2014

Claus was home riffling through his closet when I heard him loudly pronounce, "What the HELL?"

I was in the other room and thought maybe, from the strength of his voice, that he might have discovered something dastardly, like a big rip in his suit or a mouse hole gnawed through the wall. Heck, once we found a wasp nest in a bedroom of my childhood home.

I hurried in to the room to see the offending problem. He had his jeans on the bed and was bent over them, looking closely.

"What?" I said.

"What is that??" he quizzed.

"What is what?" I repeated.

"That!" he accused.

I am still only seeing dark and metro-sexual man jeans.

He delicately picked up one thin, grey cat hair and held it up to my face for inspection. I'm starting to get the picture.

"That is an Ocho hair," I affirmed.

"That dang cat!" he cursed.

You should know that he is a dog person. I'm half and half, but at this point in life if I have to pick, I pick the dog, too.

In one grand sweeping motion, he picked up his soiled jeans (as if) and hurled them into the laundry hamper. He's annoyed at the cat, but he's annoyed at me, too, for hanging them out to dry in a place the cat could sit on them.

I rolled my eyes at his drama and fetched the jeans. "I'll just pick the hairs off using the sticky roller. Sheesh."

He watched me roll every little bit off to make sure that when he did put them on, he did not sport a cat-furry crotch area.

"Sorry," I offered. Ocho's seating habits are changing and she's recently started sitting on the bannister. Previously she liked the shelving.

Shortly thereafter, I walked out to the laundry area and saw Ocho sitting on Claus' exercise towel. I tried to hide it but he was right behind me and saw the cat.

"Really? So when I go to wipe the sweat off my face I'll look like a cat-hair Yeti now?" he sighed.

I have to find new places to hang stuff in the laundry room. I better do this in a hurry before Husband revokes my Official Housewife Card.

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9 Responses to “Cat hairs”

  1. Ella:

    We are soooooo lucky that the cats we adopted from the Humane Society do not shed noticeably. The short haired dog sheds from time to time, but we more or less lucked out there too. I did see some dog hairs on the husband's shirt the other day, but picked them off while talking to him, perhaps distracting him in the process. LOL

    Tell Claus to lighten up-- last week, our dog took to repeatedly sitting on my head as I lay in bed. I guarantee that is about as bad as it gets, especially when the dog wiggles to settle in.

  2. keoni:

    Gee Diane, tell Claus it's not like Ocho hocked a hairball on his clothes. Cat lovers often consider cat hair a fashion accessory! 😆

  3. Krusha:

    Just hang the clothes with regular hangers and put it up on a rolling clothing rack. My wife does that and it works pretty good to get the clothes out of the way, and easier to put them away later and gets all the wrinkles out too when they are drying.

  4. M:

    Hello Diane,
    We have a cat and we have cat hairs on our clothes too. Tell Claus to get over it, it's only cat hairs and nobody will notice it.

  5. Jeannette:

    Two cats own me. I long ago gave up on the cat hair on clothes problem. If and when someone mentions it I tell them it is designer fiber. I do sticky roll my clothes before going out the door though.

  6. kamaaina808:

    That made me LOL. I also hate cat hair, but he does sound like he's being a bit of a drama queen about it. Tell him to pretend that it's dog hair. 🙂

    Anyway, I do have a feral (now tamed) that I feed, but she only sets paws on the very inside of my back door long enough to eat. Then she buries her face in the corner where the door jamb meets the wall & stays that way until I open it to let her bolt out the door.

  7. Kazu:

    I adopted 6 ferals, however at this point you can never tell that they were once living in the wild. Sometimes when i bring in my laundry and don't put it away right away the cat will lay on it, but no worry just brush it off.Lucky my dog stays outside otherwise she would lay on my clothes too.

  8. hossana:

    I used to own 2 ragdoll cats which are very, very rare in Hawaii but they were the cleanest and easily trained cats to they were devoted, loyal, and obedient and never, never soiled any of my towels or clothes that sometimes I brought in from the dryer and just dumped it on the sofa where it would look so enticing to any other cat but my 2 ragdolls knew better....geez, they were the most lovable and devoted and grounded kittens and cats that I ever had...when I say grounded, that's exactly what I mean as they only stayed on the ground and never climbed up on the cabinets or chairs unless I put them there...of course, once I put them on the bed with me to watch my sport games, they were accustomed to that habit but I never had a problem with cat hairs on my comforter etc...oh, well.......these cat comments brought back beautiful memories of my ragdolls........hang in there Diane....

  9. Diane Ako:

    LOL- hi everyone - I enjoyed your cat feedback and stories. Cats are great. Claus generally likes Ocho but I guess he was having a moment, huh? He is normally the most mellow guy ever. And I've not had any cat hair encounters lately as I've tried to modify my habits!

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