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Tower of Terror re-creation
April 21st, 2014

You know how children usually reenact recent events in their lives by play-acting it out (or drawing it)?

Joann gave Olivia a pretty, flowery Easter basket. Olivia put some of her little toy figurines inside and started rocking the basket back and forth.


"Oh, sweet, Honey. Are you rocking your babies to sleep?" Joann has a 20 month old son, so I thought Olivia associated the basket from Joann with Joann's boy.

"No," she said.

"What are you doing?" I inquired, trying to be interested and involved.

"It's a hotel," she answered.

I was puzzled for a few seconds. A hotel? Oh... a hotel... I get it. She's reenacting Tower of Terror's elevator free fall. Just as I put that together, she dropped the basket a few inches and let out a gentle scream on behalf of her toys.

Yeah... the Easter basket of Terror. I guess I'm responsible for that.

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  2. snow:

    LOL. Can't say she's not creative! 😉

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