Small Talk
That's what husbands do!
May 26th, 2014

We invited Olivia's friend Amanda to sleep over. "Her daddy said it's OK, but he needs to check with her mommy first," updated Claus.

"Oh, of course," said my sometimes precocious-seeming six year old. "That's what husbands do."

"Do?" I asked.


"Yeah. They always need to check with their wives first before they can do anything," clarified Olivia, without meaning to be funny.

Claus and I laughed out loud. Then his laugh faded and his wide smile tightened up into a little pout while he faux-glared at me from a place where the kid couldn't see him. I shrugged. She might be speaking the truth!

4 Responses to “That's what husbands do!”

  1. kuunakanaka:

    aloha Diane:

    "Happy wife is a happy life." ~Rio 2

  2. rayboyjr:

    Hey Diane: ... haha ... you sure you didn't teach her that??? ...

    ... and might I add ... that's also what boyfriends do ... they always need to check with their girlfriends first before they can do anything ... at least those aspiring to be the husbands ... lol ...

  3. Diane Ako:

    rayboyjr - There is a secret Husband Obedience School!

  4. DIO:

    Diane: No school, no apprenticeship, it's on the job training only. ­čść

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