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Chapter books
May 28th, 2014

My daughter loves to read. We support that! She is reading at a grade level ahead of her own.

I've learned a new word through Olivia. The grown up books are called chapter books. She is reading chapter books. She has torn through all her books at home and regularly visits the library for more.

I was cleaning my home office and finally decided to part with my graduate school tomes. Either I've held onto it because I thought I would reread it, or I never read it fully the first time.

Graduation day - MA in Political Science from UH Manoa

Graduation day - MA in Political Science from UH Manoa

It's been a whole decade. Who am I kidding? I acknowledged defeat and put them in a Goodwill pile.

Olivia saw them and asked if she could have whatever I am giving away. I did give her Tina Fey's Bossypants because it's a fairly easy read and Olivia really liked the comical cover.


However, I warned her the rest would be pretty boring. Geopolitical analysis on Asia and political philosophy on social contract theory aren't really first grade material. Maybe second grade. At private school only.

"Read it out loud to me to see if I like it," she insisted.

I did. I got through one sentence before she said, "It's OK to stop now."

I thought she was being polite to me so I kept going. "No, really. Stop now," she requested.

The books went to Goodwill.

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