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Pierced ears

June 11th, 2014

For her 7th birthday, Claus and I let Olivia pierce her ears. It all came up rather spontaneously.

We were walking around Ward Center and passed the Merle Norman that my friend Gina manages. "Come in!" she ushered, asking me to help her with something.

While inside, Olivia started playing with makeup, and Gina, who has two boys, noticed how girly my daughter is. "I'm surprised she doesn't have pierced ears," commented Gina. "Does she want it?"

"Yes, she's been nagging for about three years," I said. "I haven't let her because she's so young it'll be me who has to take care of her ears."

"We do it here," Gina offered. "Seven is a good age."

Olivia's eyes popped open with hope. "Mommy! Yes! Can I? Please?!?"

I looked at Gina. "It's not that bad," she said. "You just have to sanitize the ears twice a day and make sure she twirls the post." She gave me written directions.

I got my ears pierced when I was 14. I nagged my mother for what seemed like a decade. Oh, did I ever want pierced ears.

I asked Claus, "Well, should we?"

"No," he said. "She's too young."

"We get girls as young as four. If they're ready, they're ready," Gina said.

"Can you do all the things Aunty Gina described for taking care of your own ears?" I asked, meaning the not taking it out for a month part.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Olivia nodded.

"It might hurt a little because it's poking through your ear. Are you OK with that?" I warned.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" she replied.

"OK, why not. Daddy? What do you think?" I relented.

Claus looked at me with a look of betrayal for making him the bad guy if he were to say no. 'Cuz girly Aunty Gina who loves to play with makeup and Mommy are all on board with this, and now his daughter is looking at him expectantly. He said nothing.

"OK, do it," I confirmed.

Olivia picked out a pair of studs so fast, Gina commented it was the fastest she'd ever seen a child make a decision on that.

Then, Olivia opted to get both ears pierced at once to get the pain over with sooner. Gina thought that was unusual and brave for a little girl.

She didn't even cry! She was so excited to have it done.

I was very excited for Olivia because I'm into accessories and I love earrings. I always knew she'd get them pierced, I just thought she'd be a lot older - ten or 12. Somehow it just felt right on this day.

After it was over, I asked her how she felt. She said she was so excited she could tolerate the pain. She is thrilled, ecstatic.

"What do you think, Daddy?" I asked Claus, who simply stared at me for a few seconds.

"There are two new holes in my daughter," he responded.

I kissed his cheek. "You'll get used to it," I consoled.

If this is his attitude today, I feel sorry for him for when she starts wearing makeup or gets asked to the prom!

6 Responses to “Pierced ears”

  1. Ken Conklin:

    Why stop with the ears? Next will be piercing the lip to wear a ring there; then the tongue; then the nose; then comes the belly button; then come other parts we dare not mention in a family newspaper. Rings, studs, barbells ... the possibilities are endless! Enjoy the view while walking around Windward Community College. I remember a math problem: Lady Jane (an African tribeswoman) had a ring on every finger, a bell on every toe, a flower in her hair, and a bone in her nose. How many different outfits could she wear?

  2. makaha wahine:

    Oh Mommy! Poor Daddy! Lucky Olivia! Just love reading about how she is growing up! Did you tell her how it was done in the old days with ice and a needle at home? She might be more appreciative of how hers were done and be mindful of cleaning while it heals. Now, when you go to Aunty Gina's, she will be wanting another pair of studs. Woo hoo!

  3. Jeannette:

    A girl I know married a Latino guy. They recently had a baby girl. They were asked, while still in the hospital after the birth, if they wanted their baby's ears pierced. If they did the hospital staff would do it for them.

  4. rayboyjr:

    Hey Diane: ... sounds eerily familiar to my own story ... in a reversed way ...

    ... we were at Kahala Mall many years ago ... me with two friends (a guy and a girl) ... we were browsing at a jewelry store for the girl ... when my guy friend suggests we pierce our ears ... he had always though about it ... so after some encouragement, I agreed ...

    ... I turn to my girl friend and ask her if we should do it ... well ... I'm absolutely sure she gave us the same look Claus gave you ... she probably didn't want to ruin our male bonding moment either ... haha ...

    ... I should also mention that this was at a time male ear piercing was not so common ...

  5. midori:

    Ice cubes and a needle! Yikes! That is how I had them done at a girl friend's house. Then I had to go home and face a Dad who was ranting like the world had come to an end.

  6. kamaaina808:

    I'm with Claus - too young to be doing that & thinking of all that stuff. We didn't have that kind of pressure growing up to 'grow up' so fast.

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