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June 25th, 2014

One of my best friends is a woman named Lea, who I've known since we were in the seventh grade together at Kamehameha. At one point she also worked with me at KHNL.

Lately, due to reasons probably related to us being at-home moms, we have developed a relationship that has us communicating a couple hours a day. Obviously, she has a special ring tone on my phone.

When Claus hears Lea's text alert or Lea's ring tone, he mockingly rolls his eyes and says, "Lea again?" He is so mellow that nearly nothing fazes him, so it's in jest - but I know he finds it oddly amusing that our first texts start at 6:30 am and the last text often ends late at night. "You talk to her all the time," he half-complained.

One day, I decided to try an ayurvedic detoxification that my yoga teacher was talking about. I love food. I love to eat. I do not have food issues, unless the issue is not having enough to eat.

I'm not sure what I was thinking, but for the first one to three days this cleanse suggests to consume only vegetable soup or juice. I was optimistic that I could do it. I'm not sure why I was so deluded, in hindsight.

It made me SO grumpy to be starving. I mean, all the vegetable soup you can drink does not a full stomach make. After having the caloric equivalent of three legumes all day I was terrible to be around. He was getting annoyed with me.

The following day, the grumpiness grew, and I could no longer stand it. I smelled the dinner Claus was cooking and I completely had a detox fail. I ate a hot dog, spaghetti meat sauce, and since I was on a roll already, I said to heck with it and had a bowl of ice cream.

Then, I felt guilty and started beating myself up for not being able to follow the detox guidelines. This poor guy had been subjected to so much of my crazy this week.

"You see?" I pointed out. "This is what Lea and I talk about. She hears my complaints so that you don't have to."

"Yeah. You should talk to her more," encouraged Claus, as he sidled away from me, probably for the next week until I was back to eating normally again!

Girlfriends. Good ones are like gold.

4 Responses to “Lea”

  1. Ken Conklin:

    Well Diane, at least you're trying to change yourself instead of trying to change your hubby like so many women do. But you don't need changing. You only need to accept yourself as you are, instead of trying one thing after another as a way to reinvent yourself. As a well-known song a few years ago said: "Don't worry; be happy."

    Some teenage girls feel they aren't loved, or aren't worthy. So they cut themselves with a razor blade, or take drugs, or become sexually promiscuous. They do those things to punish themselves for being the bad girls they know they must be because (they think) nobody loves them; or because they feel they don't know who they are and they're trying radical behaviors to find out. But clearly you are loved. You're "just going through a phase" as you approach a major change in career and feel insecure about whether you'll succeed. Or maybe it's time for that "midlife crisis." What's the meaning of life? Is this really all there is? As a well-known song a few years ago said: "Don't worry; be happy."

    You're setting an example for Olivia. Not too long from now she'll be a teenager. OMG! And she'll remember how Mommy dealt with self-doubt. Let her see that she doesn't need to be a cutter to punish herself for being an evil person or as a way to find out who she is.

  2. makaha wahine:

    Yup, and thank goodness for modern technology and the cell phone. Can you imagine being on a land line like back in highschool? You would have to stay near where it was located unless you had a long cord and no calls could come through until you were finished talking. So glad to have my cell.

  3. makaha wahine:

    ps My best friend is on the mainland and we use the cell and computer too!

  4. Seawalker:

    Poor Claus. A man hears it as a sounding board and chock full of complaints. A woman or best friend hears it as a sound of music. Me? I just raid the fridge when it happens to me. Food, it does the body good. LOL

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