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Brassiere shopping

September 30th, 2015

I wanted a new bra, and I wanted a certain type. A bralette, to be exact.

We were all at the department store, and I detoured into the lingerie section. My family reacted in two ways.

My daughter was fascinated by the pretty lace, cute patterns, and different colors. My husband was uncomfortable but trying to override that with a practical attitude.

I told him he could wander elsewhere, he said he would help me (so we could get out of here faster?)

"I want a bralette like the one I use for yoga," I described, and found a tan one on the rack. "Like this one, but this is not my size."

He totally didn't get it. To be fair, there are dozens of brassiere designs. Strapless, backless, adhesive, sports, just to name a few.

He picked an underwire bra for me. I think his only reference was that it was the same color as the sample I pulled a minute ago.

"Sweetie, that has an underwire. It has to look more like a sports bra," I explained, hoping the very common reference would help draw the picture.

He searched the rack. "What about this?" he held up, which was a bra without a wire but still had the clasp in the back.

The poor man. He had the best intentions.

Finally, he actually found the correct design. "Yes, just like that!" I said. He looked like he won a prize.

Then I went over and inspected it. "This is not my size," I determined.

He looked deflated. This is not his day in the ladies section.

It was, like, a bra built for Anna Nicole Smith and I'm, well, not that. Not by a long shot.

I found what I needed and Olivia followed me in the dressing room. "How does this look?" I asked her.

She stared at me with a blank look. "I don't know what I'm looking at. Am I looking at your breasts? What am I looking for?" I remembered I can't treat my eight-year-old like my girlfriend just yet.

I bought the bralette. I also noted to self that I should not bring my family with me on a bra buying trip again.

4 Responses to “Brassiere shopping”

  1. rayboyjr:

    Hey Diane ... the women's lingerie, bra and panty section should be walled off or in a separate room ... with a big sign at the entrance "NO MEN OR CHILDREN ALLOWED" ... haha ...

    ... really, no man or child belongs in there anyway ... we are of no use ... just leave us at the bench with your big hand bags and shopping bags ...

    ... I think other women don't want us in there either ...

  2. Ted:

    Diane,, taking a husband shopping for a bra, really,, I feel for the guy,, he was very far out of his know how and what to do thing,,, I think it would make a great comedy movie,, Its like he would take you shopping for a new fishing reel,,a lot of them look alike but a guy knows whats best,, When My Lady Mary shops for stuff like that, I am given a to do else where list,,and happy to have it,, How stressful for your husband,, ( I still think its funny ) what did the poor guy do to deserve that?

  3. moonfyre:

    yeah... even shopping for a new bra with my 22-yr old daughter is tricky... because we have such different tastes and styles. And she has a much shorter temper than I do (I've only developed more patience over the years by being her mother... I was just as impatient when I was in my 20s) I remember when she was 10 and I was going to take her shopping for a bra for the first time. Just to show support, her father offered to come with us. She was horrified at the prospect (he didn't understand why, poor man... he was just trying to help) LOL Needless to say, I let him go look at the electronics in another part of the store while I helped her shop for her bra. Its been many years since then but bra shopping has never stopped being frustrating, infuriating, tedious and expensive for us. I hate it. But its one of the many annoying things you gotta do when you're a woman (esp one with a family with a genetic predisposition for larger sized mammaries which are a never-ending pain in the neck, I gotta attest. Not an advantage for any of us, I don't care what men's magazines say.)

  4. SK:

    Love your stories especially ones with Olivia, hubby and pets! Always brings smiles and chuckles since I can relate as a mom, wife and pet lover (of a dog and cats)!

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