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Christmas gifts 2015

November 25th, 2015

Kids. Blabbermouths. My goodness.

Olivia planned the Christmas gift exchange with each parent separately. Then told us about it.

Last week, as we were walking, she confessed as we passed a massage clinic, "I told Daddy about his Christmas gift."

I stopped and looked at her. "What? Why?"

She looked sheepish and said she was excited. I know, and it's fine, but *eye roll*

Then, last night, they come home and I see a brown bag on the counter. I ignore it. As we're all sitting there for dinner, Olivia says to me, "We got you your Christmas present already."

I look at her and said, "So you guys went to the health food store today?" I'm now into Ayurveda as an outgrowth of my interest in yoga, and requested floral scented oils.

She looked at him. He stopped reading his iPad and looked at her and sighed, "You are impossible."

She giggled. We all laughed.

So THEN he pulls one oil out of the bag to show me because he wasn't sure if kukui massage oil qualified. I had to approve my own gift! "You guys are impossible," I said. More laughter.

I lean over to look into the rest of the bag and he pulls it away. Pulls it away! "Well, why leave it out for me to see then?" I question.

"You leave bags lying around," he retorted.

"You're not nosy like me," I defended. (Or insulted myself.)

Husband gives into me and pulls out the rest of the bottles. To be safe, he got an assortment of scents. Coconut, pikake.

He's so funny about covering all his bases. This reminds me of when I was pregnant and to head off any midnight grocery runs for weird cravings, he took a stab at it and bought a grocery cart's-worth of a random assortment of junk food for me.

"I bought everything I could get my hands on. I bought a case of everything snack related. I really didn't want to be driving to Foodland at 3 a.m.," he recalls. Most of it went uneaten.

I didn't have big cravings, but I ate everything in sight. I'd order two entrees at the restaurant. Oh, and there was a little stretch of time in which I actually found pickle juice delicious and would drink it right out of the bottle.

But I digress. Back to 2015.

"So that's it? That's Christmas? It's not even December? That's the big gift surprise?" I stuttered.

We faux-glared at the kid. She giggled. "I promise I won't ruin any more secrets."

"Yes," we said. "Because there aren't anymore to ruin."

3 Responses to “Christmas gifts 2015”

  1. Winnie:

    This happens in my family too. I call it a Yamaguchi thing because my father in law was the same way! They get all excited and giddy about what they purchased that they can't keep it a secret. Thus, when my husband turned 35, I made a surprise birthday party for him. My guests and family new about the party, but my two children didn't because I knew they would spoil it. So we show up at the restaurant and my son being the excited child that he is, ran into the restaurant first, right past the party room, but made a quick stop when he realized he knew all the faces in the private room. Then when Tad walked by everyone yelled Happy Birthday! 'Twas a surprise indeed!! Lessons learned, never tell your children that it's a surprise!!

  2. Tanuki:

    That's how kids are. They just want to fit in with adults. My daughter ALWAYS does this sort of stuff! Most of the time, kids are kept out of "adult" talk or even if they are included in the conversation, they cannot understand what the talk is about. Thus when they do know, they like to blurt it out to get some kind of recognition that "they" know.
    This reminds me of the other day. My daughter said she wanted to watch the ghost story TV program on the VCR with me before she went to bed. Don’t worry, it’s not scary enough to give her nightmares. And she has seen it numerous times. So I watch it with her and just as the scary part come on, she tells me what’s going to happen. e.g. “Watch Daddy, the mirror is going to break.” Or “The lady is going to be inside his room waiting for him.” Lol
    It's just a part of growing up and getting attention... However, she's pretty good when she is told to keep a secret (from me) when my wife gossips with her... but it's probably some girl to girl code. Right, Diane? lol
    Maybe this year I will entrust her with what Mommy’s Christmas present is and see if she's worthy. Lol

  3. Diane Ako:

    All funny stories - LOL - kids! Sheesh!

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