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Math is relaxing!

September 28th, 2016

I'm bad with numbers. I have no idea how this happened. After ninth grade, it all went downhill for me.

I partially chose my career in communications by process of elimination, I joke. I know other journalists think the same way.

(2015) Words only, please. No numbers.

Words only, please. No numbers.

My daughter doesn't like math, either, but I'm not yet convinced all is lost. She's just nine. I hope she will embrace math more than I.

A scary-smart friend of ours  - a polymath, if you will! - totally can't relate to this attitude. "I find math relaxing," Derek shared, then said something that sounded like: "I love breaking down a long, multivariate polynomial equation down to just its rational coefficients."

Oh, sure. Don't we all?

As my friend Paul Drewes likes to say, we all have our "silos of knowledge." It's just that my silo burned to the ground and there's no money in the foreseeable budget to rebuild. The execs actually eliminated the funding for it.

My math silo was dragging down the P&L so badly, they razed it and rebuilt a shelter for wayward aardvarks in its place, because that is more productive.

My brain on math.

My brain on math.

I'm the person who recently confused what year we were in. When Claus told me about something he wants to do in five years, I said, "So, in 2031?" I was super proud of myself for calculating that in under a minute.

Then he gave me that familiar look of pity and love, the kind a Southerner gives when uttering the phrase, "Bless her heart," and corrected, "It's not 2026."

Or maybe that's not a math silo. Maybe that's just the black hole of my memory silo.

Shoot. Have I said too much? Did I scare off future potential employers?

I digress.

When the MatheMagic show came to Hawaii Theater, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser gave it such a good write up, my husband decided it would be worth a shot to show her how fun math is. Thanks a lot, John Berger.

Claus is hilarious. He's so strategic. Only, after 15 years of marriage, I see right through him.

First he suggested, "Hey! Wanna see a magic show?"

We said yes, and I asked, "Who? John Hirokawa?" That's the best known magician in the Islands.

Either that, or the huge ads for Magic of Polynesia on the Roberts Hawaii tour buses was money well spent. Someone in marketing needs a raise.

Then he simply handed the iPad to me to read the article. The first word was "Math." I rolled my eyes. I know when he's trying to manipulate us.

Again, thanks, John Berger.

Trying to be open minded, I said OK. After all, I probably will be the one who benefits most from it. Plus, he's just trying to do something nice for us.

MatheMagis show at Hawaii Theater

MatheMagic show at Hawaii Theater

We found ourselves down there one hot Sunday afternoon, and the show was OK. It was fun when he did the magic, but got a bit boring for me when he launched into an explanation of the pyramids' math. He is, by the way, a good showman.

It was cool and dark in the theater, and I was tired since I had spent the morning in the sun washing two cars and one dog. I got relaxed and then I started nodding off.

This was about halfway through the show. I slept through the rest of it.

Derek was right. Math IS relaxing!


4 Responses to “Math is relaxing!”

  1. M:

    Hello Diane,

    My son excelled in math,by the time he finished 1st grade, he knew the times table and division. In high school and college he was tutoring math and getting paid.

  2. Diane Ako:

    Wow! He needs to come tutor me, LOL. And good for you for having such a bright and responsible kid. I hope I can say that about mine when she's in high school!

  3. N:

    Don't feel bad, I am the same way. Might be easier to explain string theory for me. I'm just happy I still remember to do fractions. I do better with verbal/reading/writing then numbers. I have a g/f who is a wiz at math, she's just incredible and I'm awed at her math skills. She has a job that requires it as she was a tech and needed to make calculations throughout her day. But then I never had a job that required just basic math skills. There's a whole lot of talent out there and we can't be good at everything. I do wish I could sing voice sucks too.

  4. Diane Ako:

    Yep. Like Paul said, silos. I guess we both lack a singing silo, too!

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