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Olivia's dog blog, "Kona, my dog that died"

April 27th, 2015

by Olivia

2015 Mar_Olivia blog_Kona

We buried our dog Kona a couple months ago. This was my blog:, this is Olivia's version, which I transcribed.

We buried Kona, my blonde dog that died.  She was very old.  She got buried on February 16th on Presidents Day.  Her ashes were white.  I almost cried.  I wish she could stay forever.  I loved her very much.  Inca and Kona were best friends when Kona died.  Inca was whimpering to death!  They were like 'bff's' ('best friends forever') sisters!  Forever and ever and ever for life!  I wonder why we buried her in Inca's play yard?! Now they can hang out all the time.

At work with Mommy

April 17th, 2015

This is why my daughter likes coming to work with me. Here is a pictorial essay of a day we spent at KHON when there was no school due to a holiday.

We very quietly watch Uncle Taizo and Auntie Trini at work on Living 808.

We very quietly watch Uncle Taizo and Auntie Trini at work on Living 808.

We help greet the Living 808 guests.

We help greet the Living 808 guests.

After Mommy's work, we swing on banyan tree roots at Ala Moana Beach Park across KHON.

After Mommy's work, we swing on banyan tree roots at Ala Moana Beach Park across KHON.

We watch a boy catch tilapia and squeal when it comes too close.

We watch a boy catch tilapia and squeal when it comes too close.

We impress Mommy by getting easily across the monkey bars. Then again, someone is a little monkey.

We impress Mommy by getting easily across the monkey bars. Then again, someone is a little monkey.

Now that I think about it, this is why I like Olivia to visit me at work!

Sheraton Waikiki staycation

April 15th, 2015

For spring break, my family decided to stay the weekend at Sheraton Waikiki. I've stayed at hotels all around it, but I haven't stayed there before, and it has a fantastic kid-friendly pool. You see where my priorities are?

View from our room.

View from our room.

We stayed for two nights, the perfect amount of time to enjoy Waikiki and unwind. One night would have been too short. We were upgraded to a one bedroom suite, which was so kind and luxurious.

Olivia has grown up around privilege. When I worked at Waikiki's top luxury hotel, we regularly stayed there. Rack rates started at $500 and went up to $7,000 a night, and we stayed across all categories.

For years, that was her favorite hotel. Kid has taste. Her standard against which all other hotel rooms were measured was if the room had a chromatherapy hot tub and came with its own butler.

I'm saying all this because it means a lot when she now deems Sheraton Waikiki her favorite hotel. Factors: the pool has a slide;  the same pool has a waterfall; the infinity pool looks cool even though she was not old enough to be allowed in; the view from the room overlooked the pool so we had the best seats for the nightly 3D pool light show.


Secret to the seven-year-old: Win her over with cool water features. What the kid likes, the mommy likes.

So we passed the time alternating between the pool and the beach. We dug holes in the sand. We all used the slide and liked it. We warmed up in the hot tub and made a new friend for the weekend, a ten-year-old from Texas. We fell asleep in the red-awning pool cabanas.

One afternoon, we walked around Waikiki, and found a little restaurant called Heavenly in the Shoreline Waikiki. We stopped in for a bite and were pleasantly surprised. It's fun to discover new things.

Sea asparagus ice cream.

Sea asparagus ice cream.

Heavenly offered the oddest dessert: sea asparagus ice cream. I like to try new things so I ordered it. It was mildly salty at first and then mellowed out to a sweetness. It was just OK - not horrible, not amazing. I wouldn't order it again, but I liked trying it.

It's fun to be a tourist in my own town. We'll have to do this again soon.

Where's your favorite place to staycation?

S & M and sewing

April 6th, 2015

As I mentioned in the previous blog, I committed to sewing Olivia curtains for her room, because she asked me to. I'm not a great seamstress, but I can do straight lines (somewhat!)


One Saturday, my friend Kalei came over, so I asked her to help me with the curtains. She is about as undomesticated as they come (What's the opposite of that? Feral?) so she did the following whenever I asked for help:

-Take photos

-Need to respond to a text

-Need to post something work-related on Facebook

-Laugh at me

All this, while I slave over the sewing machine.


Probably the funniest moment was when she said she couldn't help me because she had to look up the number for a sado masochist.

If needing to find a bondage professional has never come up in your casual conversations, this is how it sounds:

Me: "Can you hold the other end of this material so it doesn't move?"

Kalei: "Hang on. I just need to find the number for a dominatrix for an interview." <two text alert ringtones later> "Shoot. She can't go on air. Who was that other dominatrix? Think, think."

I should clarify, Kalei is a media person. The angle here was a tie-in to the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon.


So it goes on like this for many minutes and I, being a liberal media person as well, am also not fazed by the topic. It's just another conversation in my crazy household.

We debate why a professional dominatrix would not want to go on air to advertise her business (I mean, if this is her living, right?), we brainstorm other leads for S&M services, we discuss the attractiveness of the subject matter in general.

I have a lot of contacts in my address book but because I'm a news person, a lot of them are politicians, agency directors, and business executives. She's in music radio, so her sphere of influence is, well - alternative.

"You would make a good dominatrix," she muses. "You're bossy."


FYI this is purely conjecture. S&M is not in my life experiences. Not that there's anything wrong with it!

This, because I've bossed her around (or tried to) all morning with the curtain sewing. She's one of my best friends and so it's easy to slip into the familiar / command form.

Like, thanks? I've never thought about that before?

She continued on. Continued! This is so bizzare! "I also can't see you as the subject. You're too strong willed. You'd be like, 'No. I don't feel like doing that. I'm not going to.'"

Truth be told, she's probably right. That sounds exactly like my personality. Bossy Chinese lady. Spun for political correctness: Confident career professional!

Here's what bossy Chinese lady did accomplish, though, while non-domesticated friend found a zillion ways to not have to help: I whipped up that set of curtains.

Truth Fairy

April 3rd, 2015

Olivia lost another tooth. For a while, I've been giving her a plastic toy diamond along with cash.

Last weekend she was playing hide and seek in the closet where I keep the jar of diamonds. I thought I hid it well but you know children; if there's a hidden present in the house for them, they will find it like a heat seeking missile.

She came out of the closet holding the jar. "Daddy! I figured it out! You give me money and Mommy gives me diamonds for my teeth!"

Fake diamonds

Fake diamonds

Claus was floored and caught off guard. "Um. Put that back and pretend you never saw it," came his first instinct.

Then a minute later, he said, "I think that's all the diamonds that Mommy got for her teeth."

She looked at him, shrugged, and went about her hide and seek. I wasn't here for this but laughed and laughed at the debrief later.

The next night we were alone, and I asked Olivia, "I heard you found a jar of diamonds yesterday."

She relayed the story and then said she was skeptical because the jar looked too new to be as old as my baby teeth (thanks.)

After swallowing my pride I said, "It looks new because I never play with it. I just keep it on the shelf."

She followed up with, "Why would you keep it in the hall closet? Doesn't make sense."

Why does she have to be so smart? And the lie continues: "It just seemed like a good place for it. Why not?" Sure, in the closet where I keep extra pots, pans, baking supplies, and lunch bags.

"Are you sure you aren't just giving me the diamonds and Daddy gives me money?" she quizzed.

"Yes," I insisted.

There's things to like (and dislike) about every stage of her development and while I really enjoy talking to her with real conversations now, I'm also a little sad that the innocence is fading.

As long as there's still a Santa, I'll be OK.