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Sharing Day

December 19th, 2014

Olivia wanted to bring our cat, Ocho, for Sharing Day at school. There is no way Claus is going to arrange his schedule to bring the cat, wait for the cat to be presented, and then bring the cat back home.

Just so happened I took a couple of vacation days to just catch up on errands and personal things (including sleep!) so I offered to do it. The teacher was nice enough to rearrange the Sharing schedule to accommodate this.

Unsuspecting Ocho, before her whole day went down the drain.

Unsuspecting Ocho, before her whole day went down the drain.

Ocho should be a pro at it because we've trotted her out for the past two years, but - cats, go figure. She was unhappy at being paraded for a class of second graders.

Ocho: "Too! Many! Hands!!!"

Ocho: "Too! Many! Hands!!!"

I tried to spin it positive for Ocho, telling her this is more petting in 30 minutes than she would get in a whole year. She would hear none of that. Or was it because she couldn't hear over a chorus of excited children greeting her?

Cat Hell.

Cat Hell.

Ocho was actually a real trooper and allowed herself to be groped by 20 children. She didn't really try to run away (much). She didn't yowl, and she doesn't bite or claw in general, so she is a good cat to introduce to new people.

The night before, Olivia and I also baked and frosted cupcakes for the whole class. Olivia was very proud that she (sort of) did it all by herself, frosting and all.


She was super pleased with herself for being a hit on Sharing Day, and I was very happy to make her happy.

Now if only we could get the cat on board with all this warm fuzzy. Rest up, Ocho. Next year comes sooner than you know it!

Fashion Week

December 15th, 2014

Honolulu's first ever Fashion Week came and went, and it was an exciting showcase of top local designers. What talent we have in these Islands!

Honolulu Fashion Week

Honolulu Fashion Week

My daughter recently expressed interest in becoming a fashion designer, and has tried to sketch dresses for Disney princesses before. To encourage any budding skills, I offered to take her to one of the events.


We went to a Saturday fashion show and were invited to look backstage as well. Olivia loved it! The lights, the loud music, the energy, the excitement - she said it was the highlight of her day. I love that she loved it!

IMG_4351 IMG_4352 IMG_4353 IMG_4354

It's fun to people-watch before the event. I saw all kinds of local and even international celebrities, some friends, and struck up an engaging conversation with the woman sitting next to me.

With my friend Jen

With my friend Jen

My colleague and counterpart Grace Lee

My colleague and counterpart Grace Lee

We met a tailor backstage, and Olivia is now asking me to buy her sewing lessons. I actually would like to learn to sew as well - maybe a mother-daughter hobby?

Hawaiian Airlines' exhibit at the fashion show.

Hawaiian Airlines' exhibit at the fashion show.

IMG_4390 IMG_4391

PCC's Christmas Lagoon

December 14th, 2014

Holiday traditions of cultures from around the world - China, France, Spain, Norway, and Russia- are on display during a scenic 30-minute canoe ride through Polynesian Cultural Center's meandering freshwater Christmas Lagoon. Along the way, enjoy the festive light displays, decorations, and live performances featuring popular Christmas tunes.


Courtesy: Polynesian Cultural Center

Courtesy: Polynesian Cultural Center

December 13- 23 (Daily except Sunday)

Rides start at 6:45pm

Ticket Prices: Adult:  $10.00 Child:  $8.00

Courtesy: Polynesian Cultural Center

Courtesy: Polynesian Cultural Center

(Kama'aina Annual Pass Holders receive 1 free ride per night)

Kids' holiday books

December 6th, 2014

Olivia likes to read, which I feel lucky for, and I'm always looking for ways to make her reading a more educational experience. A couple of titles published by Regnery Kids caught my eye:

Callista Gingrich

"From Sea to Shining Sea" by Callista Gingrich:

The fourth book in the New York Times bestselling Ellis the Elephant series takes Ellis west into uncharted territory with Lewis and Clark. Along the way, Ellis learns about the two explorers’ epic journey and the amazing discoveries and innovation it sparked. From Sea to Shining Sea is the fourth installment of Gingrich's New York Times bestselling Ellis the Elephant series, and Gingrich says she wrote this book to teach the next generation of Americans the history of our great nation.

Authored by Callista Gingrich and illustrated by Susan Arciero, From Sea to Shining Sea will delight those who want to know how America spread from coast to coast. Heck, I even learned something. My seven year old daughter, not so much. She got bored pretty quickly, but I was the one who wanted to keep reading. Anyway, I appreciated the refresher in American history, and I'm sure this is a great book for perhaps a slightly older child!


"Freddy the Frogcaster and the Big Blizzard" by Janice Dean:

This is a no-brainer for a woman whose job is as a FOX affiliate news anchor (me, just to be clear.) I of course had to check out a book authored by a Fox News weather personality, Janice Dean. She's seen on Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network and is known for her nickname, "Janice Dean, the Weather Machine" or "Janice Dean the Weather Queen," coined by evening Fox News Channel anchor Shepard Smith.

In this book, Freddy the Frog loves learning about the weather, and he’s known for having the best predictions in town. But what happens when a blizzard rolls in? I thought it was cute, and my daughter liked this one because she relates it to Mommy being on TV. In fact, she loves our morning weathercaster Kelly Simek, so the book was a big hit. Though, during her time at Wake Up 2Day, I certainly hope Kelly will not be forecasting a blizzard for the Hawaiian Islands!

Second grade voting

December 1st, 2014

Today, Governor David Ige is sworn in to office as Hawaii's eighth governor.

Me with Governor David Ige

Me with Governor David Ige

In school, Olivia learned about elections. Since a lot of my questions about What did you do today? are answered with a generic Nothing, I often have to deduce what she did by looking in her homework folder.

I came across a little brochure teaching them about elections. It started with the basic "The leader of your town is the mayor. The leader of your state is the governor," etc.

At the end, it let her cast a vote, and she voted for Duke Aiona for governor. "Why?" I asked, curious what information these kids get to make their decision. Try as I might, and I make a living by asking people questions, I couldn't pull anything more out of her than, "I don't know. Just because."

I told her the man who won the election is not Duke Aiona. "So he lost?" Olivia asked.

"Yes," I said. "Three other men lost. One guy won. His name is David."

Without missing a beat, she said, "David Ige?"

I was sort of shocked she actually remembered that since she is, like, just seven. "How do you know that name?"

"I saw a commercial and he was in it," Olivia replied. I thought it was a Friends of Ige ad, but she continued, "This lady was saying not to vote for him."

The things kids retain amuse me. "Do you remember why?"

"The lady just said, 'Don't vote for David Ige because something something something," Olivia recalled.

She doesn't remember seeing ads for other candidates (well, the ad she saw was obviously for another candidate, but she only retained Ige's name) but she did hear the word Democrat a lot.

"What does that mean?" I quizzed.

"I don't know. Someone who's a demo and someone who's a rat?" Wrong.

"What does Republican mean?" I persisted.

"Someone who lives in a republic?" Closer.

So there you go. That's your second grade focus group, the future of our voting population. At least she's been in a voting booth, but hopefully by the time she's 18, there'll be a wee bit more information that informs her voting choice!

This blog is in no way a reflection of any of my political opinions. It's all Mommy talk.