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Yuletide Coffee Cheer at Waikiki Cafe

December 18th, 2014

Kai Coffee introduces an entire lineup of new items for a limited time to ring in the holidays.  A Gingerbread Spiced Latte and Dark Chocolate Peppermint Mocha incorporates a blend featuring Hawaiian coffees, and a Cranberry Hibiscus Iced Tea serves as a refreshing alternative for non-coffee drinkers.

A pumpkin bread, gingerbread cookies, an apple almond tart, bûche de Noël, a limited selection of mugs, and a Holiday blend coffee showcasing a variety of Kai Coffee’s favorite beans are all available from now through the beginning of January 2015.

Gingerbread Spiced Latte. Photo courtesy: Sean Morris

Gingerbread Spiced Latte. Photo courtesy: Sean Morris

The Gingerbread Spiced Latte adds cinnamon and gingerbread syrup to give deeper aromatics to the Kai Espresso Blend, topped with a gingerbread whipped cream for added spice, while the Dark Chocolate Peppermint Mocha adds peppermint syrup and Guittard’s dark chocolate to the already popular espresso blend.  The Cranberry Hibiscus Iced Tea takes an organic, non-GMO herbal cranberry hibiscus tea and enriches it with the brown sugar for depth and a tempered sweetness.


Peppermint Mocha Latte. Photo courtesy: Sean Morris

Peppermint Mocha Latte. Photo courtesy: Sean Morris

The coffee beverages are each priced at $4.75, $5.25, and $5.75 for small, medium, and large sizes, respectively, while the two iced tea sizes go for $2.50 for a small and $3.00 for a large.

In addition to the new seasonal beverages, spiced pumpkin bread ($4.00), and gingerbread cookies ($2.50), two additional desserts—a yule log roll cake ($6.50) with chocolate Genoise, chestnuts, and vanilla cream, as well as an apple almond tart ($6.00) with apples nestled over almond cream in a flaky, puff pastry—will satisfy the sweet holiday tooth.

Also, a special Holiday blend expressing the aromatics of mistletoe and cranberries, exuding rich hot cocoa notes, incorporate a variety of world coffees.  The special blend is offered by the cup, using the pour-over process, and is also sold as beans in a half-pound bag for $17.95, making for an affordable stocking stuffer.

“I wanted to add a few items to the menu so our customers have something to look forward to in December.  Plus, it is always nice to infuse some holiday spirit for guests visiting from around the globe, making our products more accessible to a wider audience,” says Samuel Suiter, owner of Kai Coffee.

Kai Coffee is located on the first floor of the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa, immediately adjacent to the waterfall.  The café is open from 5:30 am to 11:00 pm, Sunday through Saturday, 365 days a year.  Free validated parking is offered for each purchase over $25.

Perry on the Left, Price on the Right: New Book Celebrates Odd Couple of Hawai‘i Radio

December 13th, 2014

It was a gamble that paid off: the unlikely pairing of mainland transplant Michael W. Perry and local football coach Larry Price, the “odd couple” who became the most successful team in Hawai‘i radio history.

They're wonderful media colleagues - professional on air, and so personable off air. I enjoy their show.

Courtesy: Price on left, Perry on right. Honolulu Star-Advertiser archives

Courtesy: Price on left, Perry on right. Honolulu Star-Advertiser archives


The early years. Perry on right, Price on left. Courtesy: KSSK Radio archives

The early years. Perry on left, Price on right. Courtesy: KSSK Radio archives


Now Watermark Publishing is set to launch Perry on the Left, Price on the Right: Thirty Years with the Odd Couple of Island Radio, a story spanning more than three decades at the top of the local radio ratings. The large-format volume includes lively anecdotes, photos and memorabilia of the pair’s thirty years behind the microphone and out in the local community: the parade of celebrities, the ever-vigilant Posse, the Coconut Wireless, the marathon emergency broadcasts and much more.


“With Perry and Price,” says author Larry Fleece, “there’s no pretense, no artifice, no agenda. Just straight talk, from the heart.”  Perry on the Left, Price on the Right: Thirty Years with the Odd Couple of Island Radio (ISBN 978-1-935690-57-3), priced at $19.95, is available at bookstores, other retail outlets and online booksellers.

Saturday, Dec. 13, 11 AM – 1 PM
Barnes & Noble, Ala Moana
A portion of sales to benefit the Hawai‘i Children’s Foundation


December 12th, 2014

Wedding vendors are excited for December 13, 2014. "Typically the 13th is a date that people shy away from, but this has been a very hot date, by far the most asked about all year with venues booked up months, if not years out," says wedding professional Loren Petrowski of Joy Kawai Consulting.

Loren Petrowski of Kawai Joy Consulting

Loren Petrowski of Kawai Joy Consulting

Numerically, it reads as 12-13-14, and will be the last sequential date until January 2, 2034, which out of marrying range for most people looking to getting married now.

Engaged couple Brianne Van Treese and Travis Lum of Honolulu are one of the hundreds planning to marry on 12/13/14 and explain, "We chose the date because it will be the last number sequential date while we are both in our 20s. It is also an easy enough date for us to remember and unique."

"Wedding dates with similar numbers like 7/7/07, 8/8/08, or sequential numbers like 9/10/11 and 11/12/13 have always been popular but since this is the last one and it falls on a Saturday, it has been particularly in demand all around," observes Petrowski. "It seems like most vendors who normally take on multiple events have chosen to do just one event that day because they know how serious people are about this day and they want to give them their full attention."

Some statistics from the Department of Health show for other sequential dates show there were 272 marriage licenses distributed for 10/11/12, 282 for 11/12/13, and as a note of comparison, just 100 licenses issued for December 14, 2013 - which is not a sequential date. We won't know how many licenses are issued for 12/13/14 until January 2015.

Loren Petrowski of Kawai Joy Consulting

Loren Petrowski of Kawai Joy Consulting

This year, December 13 also happens to be the second Saturday of the month, which Petrowski says is typically the busiest day for holiday parties, so if you had a hard time booking a venue, this could have been a contributing factor.

Petrowski talked to a vendor who does Hawaiian numerology, who told her it's a good luck date because "it's associated with the number 5, which is a good number."

My husband chose a wedding date for us with all similar numbers - not for good luck, but so that he wouldn't get in trouble for ever forgetting our anniversary! Which, I suppose, is its own form of good luck for keeping the wife happy.

If you're marrying on December 13 - congratulations!


Sunrise on Kaho`olawe

December 10th, 2014

On Kaho`olawe, we visited the summit, Moaulaiki, and chanted until the sun rose. It's a Hawaiian tradition to help the sun start a new day.



E ala ē, ka lā i ka hikina

I ka moana, ka moana hōhonu

Pi‘i i ka lewa, ka lewa nu‘u

I ka hikina, aia ka lā, e ala ē!
Rise up, the sun is in the East

In the ocean, the deep ocean

Climbs to the sky, the great height of the sky

In the East, there is the sun, rise up!


We got up at 4:30 a.m. to drive to the summit, and sat in silence for a while until a few minutes before dawn, when our trip-mate Sam Gon began the chanting. Gon says when you start, you can't stop until the sun rises.

Navigator's Chair

Navigator's Chair

It was beautiful. While at this summit, we also saw a beautiful, natural rock formation called Navigator's Chair, where it's said Hawaiian voyagers used to look at the night sky and plot their voyage back to Tahiti. Mike Naho`pi`i, executive director of the Kaho`olawe Island Reserve Commission, explains more in this video.

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Learn How to Use Hawaiian Words at Liliha Library

December 9th, 2014

An "Introduction to Hawaiian Words," a free program, will be presented at Liliha Public Library on Thursday, December 11 at 6 p.m. in the Meeting Room.

Jack Christensen, co-founder of The Program To Preserve Hawaiian Place Names, will conduct this one-hour introductory session that will explain the basics of Hawaiian word structure, spelling, and pronunciation.  The session, which is offered on the first Thursday of the month at the Library, is said to be the easiest and fastest way to learn how to cope with saying and writing individual Hawaiian words.

The Program To Preserve Hawaiian Place Names, a public service project, was established in 1974.  Call the Library as soon as possible if a sign language interpreter or other special accommodation is needed.

Liliha Public Library is located at 1515 Liliha Street, next to the H-1 Freeway Eastbound onramp.  Free parking is available on the rooftop.  Enter the Meeting Room through the Library's side door.  For more information, please call the Library during regular public service hours at 587-7577.